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Commitment to corporate responsibility and integrity is brought about by ethics in a company. High ethical standards govern how business is conducted, standards that are employed to suppliers and business partners.


Similarly, business practices and standards reflect our commitment in making positive impact. High standards applied from us and partners create trust with our customers, governments, investors and partners.

Compliance and ethics are built on three pillars that are prevention, detection and remediation.


In my career provided with the high skills am able to deliver quality and compassionate work that exceeds expectations and enhances outcomes. Organization where am employed am able to achieve the goals set. The ethics help one in decision making and been able to admit mistakes.

Strive to provide excellence. Creativity and innovation help to deliver greatest quality. Empowering every person and organization to achieve more. Trust code reflects our culture and values. Employees use these standards to know what is required of them. They are able to get help when needed.

Good decisions made build trust and empower customers and partners to achieve more. This attracts more customers to a company hence bringing success to a company.

General statement of ethics

Acting with honesty and integrity in day to day operatios when interacting with collegues and clients

Prevention and detection

Prevention: A culture of ethics and integrity is promoted so as to avoid issues that may arise. A culture of compliance is created. Standards of Business Conduct are applied. Third party vetting is done so as to minimize potential risks.

Detection; potential legal compliance issues are detected. This is achieved by auditing that is done. Analytic programs do monitoring. Concerns reported by employees are investigated. Every employee is responsible for upholding standards of a company.


Remediation; the root cause of problems is assessed and controls and processes to minimize the risk of occurrence are applied. Employees who violate the policies and standards are disciplined. Partners and supplies who do not meet ethical standards are prohibited.

Ethics that one should possess are industrious, be hardworking. Being accountable for everything that happens. Honest so that customers can always trust them. Being professional in the career that will help in innovative and creativity. Flexibility that easily adapts to any change that may arise. Cooperation among the employees that brings unity that will to success of the company.

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