Form of a malicious attack (or engineered method) to gain access to your information.

Select a form of a malicious attack (or engineered method) to gain access to your information.
Discuss how a hacker might be able to use one of the many different methods to gain access to a system to obtain sensitive data.
Malware is one of the biggest threats when it comes to hacking and is dangerous to businesses and individual’s networks and computer devices. Malware’s main purpose is to harm while infecting devices and networks, there are many subcategories of Malware including viruses, worms, ransomware, and bots just to name a few. “Malware can go undetected for extended periods. Many users are only aware of a malware attack if they receive an antimalware alert, see pop-up ads, are redirected to malicious websites, or experience slow computer speeds or frequent crashes (Harford, 2021).”

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It’s so simple and easy for hackers to install Malware into your computer device without you even knowing, it can be done via a Wi-Fi connection which can allow a hacker to download important information such as passwords and personal documents. “Scammers may send you fake texts or emails with links that contain malware. If you click on the link, your device will be infected with a virus — allowing the hackers to crawl your computer for sensitive data or use spyware to spy on you in the background (Toohil, 2023).”


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