Genogram Essay Assignment Paper

Genogram Essay Assignment Paper

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Family mapping (genogram)is a structure that provides the provider with information about a family of origin issues which can be used as a therapeutic point of reference. Sometimes refer to as a family genogram, family mapping provides a framework for understanding family patterns. Family mapping can also help a patient see connections within their family.

For this assignment, you will create a family map/Genogram of another person’s family. No identifiers should be noted on the family map/genogram, and you should make clear to the person being mapped that this is for an assignment.


It is just as helpful to map a person who reports a stable/happy childhood as someone who reports trauma – the idea is to reveal connections whether trauma-based or not and for you to practice seeing the value of this tool. Genogram Essay Assignment Paper

Create a legible family map/genogram indicating the patient/client
Include three generations – For example, the parents and the grandparents of the person you are doing the mapping. We ask that you include all family members including aunts and uncles.
Write a brief discussion of (no more than 250 words) depicting the family connections. This should be written in a narrative format. No APA required.
Include a legend to illustrate the identification.
Lines must be used to demonstrate connections.
Compare to the ACE score for the person being mapped – follow the link to the ACE questionnaire Genogram Essay Assignment Paper
May use any software to draw the genogram out. The software included is one example and offers a free trial here.Links to an external site. to an external site.

Refer to the following website for direction on family Mapping/Genogram. to an external site. Genogram Essay Assignment Paper

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