Sexually Transmitted Diseases
(STDs) are infections spread
from one individual to another
via sexual activities including
oral vaginal, anal or oral sex.
The cause of STDs include
viruses, bacteria, and
parasites. This pamphlet
covers Gonorrhea as one of
the Sexually transmitted

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Microbial Transmission
Routes of STIs and STDs

It is transmitted sexually.

All sexually active

individuals can get


Mostly, it is common among

young adults and teens

Many people with the

infection do not know it

The disease rarely exhibits

symptoms, especially in


An infected person can pass

the disease to other people

without noticing

·It is curable with the right


·If not treated, it can result in

serious health issues

Facts Detection &

The test for gonorrhea is taken on
the urine sample. Alternatively, a
swab can be made from the
potentially infected area, often the
cervix, rectum, mouth, or urethra. The
patient is supposed to disclose to the
doctor whether they are under
antibiotics before the test for
gonorrhea is done. Women are
advised to take more precautions
before the test. It is also imperative to
ensure that all instructions written on
the kits are adhered to before taking
the test
There are no risks allied to
gonorrhea testing. There are also no
restrictions on what one needs to do
or activities once the test is done.
However, if the sample came from
the cervix, there might be a minor
and temporary discharge or bleeding
for women.

Gonorrhea is best
prevented by
abstaining from Sex
The other one is
ensuring that you
have sex with people
who are not infected.
If used properly,
condoms can also
reduce the risk of the
It is worth
mentioning that
urinating, washing
the genitals, or even
douching once one
has had sex will not

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