Health And Wellness Assignment Paper

Health And Wellness Assignment Paper

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What is health and wellness?

Health constitutes physical, social, and mental well-being, but not the absence of illnesses. Health is a holistic approach consisting of physical, social, and mental wellbeing (Lynch, 2019)Health And Wellness Assignment Paper. On the other hand, wellness is an active process that enables individuals to become aware of the best decisions and make choices that lead to the achievement of personal goals and a more successful existence (Lynch, 2019). Health and wellness are closely related. Physical, social, and mental stability is a prerequisite for wellness. Therefore, good health significantly improves an individual’s quality of life, contributing to wellness.


Reflection on paradigms related to health

Health is associated with four significant paradigms. First, body paradigms are determinants of health that work via biological mechanisms. In other words, these determinants of health primarily target biological factors (Van Schalkwyk et al., 2022). Secondly, the mind-body paradigm is an extension of the body paradigm. It consists of primary factors that influence an individual’s health or disease, including psychological coping mechanisms, stress level, and social support system (Van Schalkwyk et al., 2022). Furthermore, body–the body-energy paradigm attributes health or disease to factors related to the balance and flow of life energies. Lastly, the body–spirit paradigm states that health or disease is mainly influenced by transcendental personalities or aspects that exist outside the material universe’s limitation (Van Schalkwyk et al., 2022)Health And Wellness Assignment Paper. Therefore, the four paradigms are responsible for health or illness.

Experiences that influence my perspective of health.

Various factors influence my perspective of health. The most significant factor that influences my perspective is family. In this context, individuals with a family history of a particular chronic or genetic illness are more likely to develop that particular disease than the general population. Secondly, my perspective is influenced by cultural practices. I believe that some cultural practices, such as refraining from seeking medical treatment, predispose a particular population to high morbidity and mortality rates (Arab et al., 2019). Lastly, my perspective on health is influenced by education. Education attainment is directly proportional to health literacy. Studies show that individuals with low education attainment are prone to high disease burden due to limited health literacy (Rajah et al., 2019).

The impact of this experience on my nursing practice

These experiences of factors influencing health have a significant impact on my health. For instance, I perceive a person with a family history of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is more likely to develop this disease (Khan et al., 2022)Health And Wellness Assignment Paper. Thus, I initiate effective health promotion measures, including advising the patient to take a balanced diet and maintain a healthy weight to reduce the risk of developing this disease. Moreover, I provide culturally competent care to individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds to achieve optimal health outcomes. Lastly, I design a health promotion education program targeting community members with low education to boost their health literacy, reducing their morbidity and mortality rates.

Factors that influence the perspective of health in the interviewed person from a different cultural group

            The interviewed person believes that financial and environmental factors mainly influence health. Cole and Nguyen (2020) reported that unmet social needs increase the disease burden among low‐income adults. Thus, uninsured individuals with low incomes are more prone to diseases due to limited access to quality medical care services. Additionally, environmental-related factors, such as poor housing, predispose individuals to diseases.

Comparing my perspective of health to those of the interviewed individual

Both cases present social factors as significant determinants of health. Thus, health or disease depends on social needs, including family, cultural beliefs, education level, household’s income level, and family’s living conditions. However, these cases differ in terms of how individuals’ health is improved. Health can be improved at the system level. In this case, providers should focus on improving health through community-based health promotion programs. These programs would improve health literacy, reducing the likelihood of developing preventable diseases. From the interviewee’s perspective, health can be improved at the individual level, where a family should focus on improving its level of income and living conditions. Health And Wellness Assignment Paper

Addressing differences in health beliefs during care delivery and views concerning access to healthcare as a privilege or right

As a nurse practitioner, I focus on handling any differences that might arise while caring for my patients to achieve positive health outcomes. First, I recognize patients’ culture and support their views to gain their trust. According to Kaihlanen et al. (2019), cultural understanding is the backbone of effective cross-cultural care. The next step involves informing the patient about facts concerning a particular health-related topic after establishing a good therapeutic relationship. For instance, I educate patients that a balanced diet will reduce the likelihood of developing lifestyle illnesses without accusing their preferred diets. Access to quality healthcare services is a privilege for insured citizens and those with high incomes. Consequently, adults with low incomes who are uninsured, especially those from minority groups, have limited access to medical care services (Cole & Nguyen, 2020)Health And Wellness Assignment Paper.


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reflect on how you define health and wellness.
Reflect on your ‘paradigm’ in regard to health.


• Explain experiences (family, culture, education, etc.) that influence your perspective of health.
• Do your experiences impact your nursing practice?

• Interview a person from a different culture regarding their definition of health. Define the influences that contribute to their perspective of health.
• Compare and contrast your perspective of health with the findings of the person you interviewed.
• Discuss how you address differences in health beliefs when caring for individuals/families/populations.
• Include a brief discussion of your view of access to healthcare as a right or a privilege. Health And Wellness Assignment Paper

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