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Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical discussion question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

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“What is Plagiarism?”

Step 2: Read “Plagiarism Spectrum

Step 3: Discussion

Answer the following questions:

a. introduce yourself (tell what your hobbies are, what people would never guess about you, or anything else) (5 points)

b. Write a summary, in your own words, defining plagiarism. You must have at least five complete sentences for the definition. After defining plagiarism, reflect on one or two points you learned and information new to you about plagiarism. You must have at least three sentences for your reflection.


This assessment aims to become aware of how your lifestyle and behaviors affect your dimensions of wellness. The results help you determine which goal(s) you should focus on this semester. Ultimately it is up to you to set the goals that you deem most important.

  • Access the PERSONAL WELLNESS INVENTORY on page two (module 1 of your textbook)
  • complete the assessment by selecting the “take the inventory” tab
  • after you have completed the questionnaire, take a screenshot showing that you completed the assignment (or copy and paste it). Upload the screenshot in the assignment. If you prefer to keep your scores private, you may type your results in a word document and replace the scores with letters instead of numbers. For example, a result of 86% can be labeled X%.
  • Next, based on your results, complete the SMART goals in module one of your textbook
  • Finally, go back to your online publication and finish reading sections 1-3.
  • If you have questions, go to the Q&A in the discussion.


Your meal plan is your opportunity to create a new healthy diet by implementing what you have learned in this module. As the title suggests, it is a “plan,” not a record of what you eat, so please do not submit what you have been eating so far. Instead, the goal is to create healthy, nutritious, and tasty meals. Take the time to research to find meals that appeal to you.


Upload your meal plan here


Copy and paste the assignment into your computer before you fill it out!


Take a screenshot of your meal plan and upload it.


The third option is to write your meal plan on a single sheet of paper, take a picture and upload it.


For this activity, you will create a meal plan that includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and two snacks per day for seven days. This is your opportunity to start new habits that benefit your overall health. Your plan should reflect your S. M. A. R. T. goals. As you create your meal plan, think of what is appealing to you, and dont be afraid of trying new things or getting ideas from the Internet.

Directions for creating your meal plans (this is where students miss out because they do not follow the directions):

Every meal has to be nutrient-dense (no empty calories),

Every meal must include all food groups each day,

Be creative; option to include pictures, videos, comments

Include meals and snacks that can be prepared in advance, carry-out meals and hot and cold breakfasts,

Your seven-day meal plan must include seven breakfasts, 14 snacks, and 14 meals (7 lunches and seven dinners).

You can only use the same breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks once. However, you can make variations. For example, you can have an oatmeal breakfast with milk and nuts one day and an oatmeal breakfast with almond milk, fresh fruits, and chia seeds another day.

You must fill in everything and must follow the directions closely. For example, when you add cookies or doughnuts, these are not considered nutrient-dense, and points are deducted. You also need to include all food groups each day, so you will get points deducted if you don’t.


After reading the article Obesity Pro/Con, Links to an external site. answer the following questions:

1) A)How do heredity and environment play a role in the determination of obesity? B) Which is more influential? C) Why? Support your answers with the information learned in your textbook

2) Should obesity be considered a disease (use the information from the article to support your answer)?


Answer the following questions

1) explain what factors influence our body image,

2) how does it relate to YOUR self-esteem and

3) what are some things you can do to build a more positive body image?



Answer the following questions:

1. Describe three things that surprised you about the use of marijuana (5 sentences)

2. List and explain two pros and two cons of the use of marijuana (5 sentences)


Your midterm has three parts: 1) a short answer video review, 2) an article questionnaire, and 3) a technology diary. Make sure to copy the questions, so I know which one you are responding to.

Part 1 (50 points):

Select three out of the six videos below. For each video lecture you watched on addiction, write down three things you learned (2-5 sentences per video-short answer videos review). Make sure to write the title of the video with your corrections.


Part 2 (20 points):

Read the article, Treat heroin with heroin, as Swiss have done: Michael R. Uth (Opinion), and answer the following questions:

A. List 3 benefits of the HAT program

B. What did the Swiss realize and learn from the program?

Part 3: Technology Diary 30 points)

Create a table to record seven days spent using electronics each day. Then, based on your reading, write a report, paying attention to the word count for each question.

1) Use a chart/table to record all the times you spend using electronics over one week. Include cell phones, computers, iPods, and similar devices (provide a table or chart). 5 points

2) What devices do you use the most, and how are you using them (200 words) (5 points)?

3) Based on this information and the information provided in your lectures/videos, do you think you have a technology addiction (400-word count minimum)? Support your answer with information from this course (20 points).

Check your word count.

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