Help with interpersonal assgn due in 20 hours

WEEK 8 – Discussion Board: Thoughts to ponder

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Why is a cuss word considered a cuss word? Who decided it was a cuss word?

If a 2 two year old says “damn” when they drop a spoon on the floor, are they cussing? Is “damn” a cuss word?

How many cuss words do you know? When did you learn them? When were you old enough to use them?

Am I a bad person if I know dirty words? Or only if I say them out loud?

Is it different to hear a man cuss versus a woman?

Do we cuss more than people in other countries?

Do words have meaning, or do we, as individuals, give them meaning? (This is the REAL question, but what does it mean?!!!!)


Recall that Discussion Board assignments are designed to help you implement effective interpersonal behaviors and skills. Pick 3-4 questions that spark your interest.


WEEK 8 – Journal Assignment: Chapter 8



The Reflective Journal Assignment will help you in developing your interpersonal skills in this course. Literature on personal development suggests that reflective writing about yourself and your interpersonal experiences supports the integration of new learning.

You are expected to keep a journal, writing two entries each Module. Your entries should be written as follows:

1. Entry one will consist of a response to “ self-reflection” questions posed in the textbook – Reflect & Relate: An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication. Each chapter contain several of these boxes. You are encouraged to choose the self-reflection box that is most important to understanding your interpersonal attitudes and skills. Please label the entry with the entire box of questions you are considering.

2. A second entry should respond to the journal prompt posted by your instructor. These prompts ask you to reflect on a particular aspect of the topic under study for the module. Please label the entry with the journal prompt.


· Write two different entries each module. (that means both from above!)

· Entries should be double-spaced and in 12 font that is easy to read. 

· Use an informal tone, but observe conventions of good grammar and spelling. (Use spell check)

· Each entry will be at least one to two paragraphs in length. (A paragraph is five to seven well-developed sentences.)

· A Sample Document has been attached to assist you in setting up your journal.


· You may complete the entries using the sample document to help you set everything up.

· Save your document to your computer using your first initial, last name and week number.  For example, my journal for Week 2 would be RLeber 2.  For Week 3 the file would be named RLeber 3. All others would be named as appropriate.

· Then attach your file.  Click on Submit Assignment to the left.  Find your file and attach.


WEEK 8 – Video Activity: Words to Inspire


The chapter began by describing General Washington invoking Thomas Paine’s inspiring words to motivate his weary troops to follow him into battle. His words not only inspired his men, but changed the course of history for our country.

Focusing on words spoken to you by specific people in your life, whose words inspired you when you were defeated? What were those words and how did they help you? What words of inspiration are you most likely to give others?  Plan to speak for 2-4 minutes.

Post your response to the questions as a video recording.  Your thoughts may not be read or memorized.  Answer the questions like you are talking to me personally.  Focus on verbally expressing your ideas.  You may read the question, but your answer must be delivered extemporaneously.  Responses that appear to be read off of cue cards or that sound memorized will be assigned a grade of zero.

Recall that you post a video recording right here in Canvas using a webcam attached to your computer or by recording it on another device, such as your phone, and attaching the file. Click on Submit Assignments to get started.

Note: Be sure that there is adequate light on your face so that you can be clearly seen.  In your video I must be able to see and hear you clearly. 

How to Submit:

Choice 1: Record directly into canvas.  You can do this right here in Canvas using a webcam attached to your computer or by recording through Canvas on a smart phone.  Click on Media to get started. Use Chrome as your browser when recording in Canvas. Click on Record and start talking.

Choice 2:  Record your video and upload it as a file, please note that your file size must be smaller than 500MB.  You may need to go into settings and reduce the file size before you record your video. Click on Media to get started.  Select Upload Media, and attach your file.

Choice 3:  If you have trouble with Choice 1 and 2, you may use YouTube.  See the attached instructions for submitting the URL:

Video Submission – YouTube Instructions .docx
 Download Video Submission – YouTube Instructions .docx

Students must earn a passing grade on all videos in order to successfully pass the course.

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