Human Resources For Health Essay Assignment

Human Resources For Health Essay Assignment

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Week 3 discussion to peer response

The aim of your discussion is looking at the conflicting demands related to healthcare policy, specifically concerning the shortage of nurses as a healthcare stressor in the United States (Holland et al., 2019). I agree with you that the conflict between nurses, healthcare facilities, and patients encompass a complicated nature of attaining a coordinated healthcare system. In order to resolve these conflicting needs, policies must strive to employ a comprehensive and diverse approach. Human Resources For Health Essay Assignment


To begin with, it is essential to acknowledge and give priority to the welfare of nurses due to the commitment they show in healthcare delivery. As such, policy initiatives should prioritize enhancing working conditions, enforcing reasonable staffing ratios, and providing competitive compensation to nurses with an aim of mitigating the risks of stress and burnout as you have stated (Wakerman et al., 2019). It is also vital to consider financial constraints that most healthcare facilities are currently facing. Policymakers should therefore investigate on the available options for boosting the reimbursements for nurses, hence empowering nurses through overseeing their financial needs.

Additionally, I agree with you that a thorough strategy should be considered towards increasing the patient expectations. Policies should strive to improve the accessibility, affordability, and quality of healthcare by strategically encouraging the nursing workforce through training and offering incentives to retain them. Enhancing operational efficiency and enhancing the integration of healthcare services can help in reducing the workload for nurses, hence impacting favorable job satisfaction as well as employee retention (Holland et al., 2019). A successful healthcare policy should thus be able to manage the organization’s competing demands for nurses, healthcare facilities, and patients as you have stated. Human Resources For Health Essay Assignment


Holland, P., Tham, T. L., Sheehan, C., & Cooper, B. (2019). The impact of perceived workload on nurse satisfaction with work-life balance and intention to leave the occupation. Applied nursing research49, 70-76.

Wakerman, J., Humphreys, J., Russell, D., Guthridge, S., Bourke, L., Dunbar, T., … & Jones, M. P. (2019). Remote health workforce turnover and retention: what are the policy and practice priorities?. Human resources for health17(1), 1-8.  Human Resources For Health Essay Assignment

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