Hybrid/Remote/Virtual Workforce

POSTER PRESENTATION TOPIC: Hybrid/Remote/Virtual Workforce

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This academic (professional) poster is a graphic summary of your chosen HR topic presented in a visually engaging way. It must be scholastically sound and present key information using a combination of text and visuals (e.g., graphs, photos, concept maps).

A professional poster tells a story that highlights the context, background, significance, and results of your topical research on a given subject. The poster should be able to stand on its own as a clear, logical presentation of your topic, without any explanation from you.

Poster Requirements and Guidelines:

Poster Size (required) Template
Banner (required) Use the Poster Template (use 70×48 Horizontal version)
• Project Title (all caps)
Layout Direction Use a design/layout format that enables viewers to easily follow your presentation. Make it obvious how to progressively “read” the poster (from left to right and top to bottom).
Text Text should be readable
Select a bold sans-serif font (e.g., Helvetica, Arial) for titles and headings.
• Section headings: bold
• Avoid large blocks of text – limit text to about 1/4 of the poster space.
• Use bullet points rather than text in paragraph(s) to present ideas.
Graphics & Visuals Rely on visuals (graphs, photographs, & concept maps) instead of text when feasible.
• Leave open space for ease of viewing and to highlight your ideas.
• Ensure that text and visuals are cohesive.
• Visuals should be relevant, bold and should "stand alone."
• Use color to enhance comprehension and not as decoration.
• Tables or graphs should be simple, clear and properly labeled.
Citations List only 2-3 major references in the lower right corner section.
General Tips The aim of a poster is to disseminate findings and generate active discussion about your work.
SIMPLICITY IS KEY. Do not try to cover too many things – be selective and include some “whitespace”. Edit, edit, edit!
Rely on visuals – like graphs, charts, photos, and concept maps to illustrate your project’s story.

Layout Example

Preparation Steps
• Getting Started: Begin creating your story by answering these questions:
• What is the most important/interesting/astounding of your research on your HR topic?
• How can I visually share my project with viewers?
• What key information should I convey?
• Getting Organized: Order key sections of the story and choose your layout design.
• Make a list of visuals, e.g. photos, charts, etc., you would use if only visuals were used to describe the project.
• Add text after you have created the list of visuals.
• Place and space visuals and text for maximum impact.
• Creating the product: Follow guidelines/requirements.
• Avoid fuzzy images; make sure graphics are high-resolution and easily visible.
• Consider how the color of your text and background can limit or enhance legibility
• Review/reduce text. Edit carefully for typographic/grammatical mistakes.

• Presenting your work: Prepare a short speech (1 minute) to explain your work. Think of this as giving viewers a quick "guided tour" of your topic.

• Don’t be afraid to point out complications or surprising findings.
• Engage viewers to get useful feedback. Seek their thoughts and opinions.
• For in-person presentations at professional conferences, some prepare and bring letter-page sized handouts (picture of the poster/brief abstract). (complete list of references, details not included on the poster, etc).



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