Identifying Barriers To Implementation And Plan Essay Paper

Identifying Barriers To Implementation And Plan Essay Paper

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Sonya Hash
Week 2 Initial Post Sonya Hash
Week 2 Initial Post

Identified Barriers to Implementation and Plan to Address Each Barrier

My project plan focuses on educating nurses on CAUTI prevention to increase knowledge to help reduce the CAUTI rate. The first barrier noted to the implementation of the project is that the current nurse driven indwelling urinary catheter (IUC) removal protocol does not appear to be followed at all times for different reasons. The goal is to increase knowledge and awareness of the need to change, how the change will happen, and why emphasizing the benefit to the patient. Nursing leadership will be engaged to support the practice change and monitor progress and adherence, and shared governance committees will be utilized to socialize the practice change and expectations, gaining buy in (Sipes, 2020; White et al., 2021). Additional actions that will be included in the education will be the importance of identifying barriers to nurse driven IUC removal protocol and other CAUTI prevention measures, and reporting them to leadership when they cannot be resolved. Identifying Barriers To Implementation And Plan Essay Paper


The second barrier is that patients with a provider directed IUC removal order may not have their indwelling urinary catheter (IUC) removed as promptly as the patients with an order for a nurse driven urinary catheter, even when appropriate. The action will be to emphasize the importance of reviewing the ongoing need for the IUC at interdisciplinary daily rounds.

A third barrier that was identified is that increased provider awareness and engagement needed for timely removal of IUCs. Providers will need education to align their efforts and practice with nursing where appropriate. The action being taken is provider education by the infection prevention team.

The fourth barrier noted is the perception by nurses that early removal and straight catheterizing is more harmful than leaving the catheter in place. The intervention will be including in the education a clear algorithm for post IUC removal care, to minimize the need for reinsertion and straight catheterization, and the benefits of early removal. Identifying Barriers To Implementation And Plan Essay Paper

The fifth barrier is the lack of documentation related to post catheter removal bladder volume, attemps to void, and other data. Better documentation is needed regarding rationale for insertion or sustaining IUC placement, and care delivered post IUC removal. The action will be to include expectations with clear instructions of how documentation should occur.

The last barrier identified is provider resistance to these evidence-based practice changes. Nurses should collaborate with providers to work toward providing care based on policies, and enter an event report or communicate with their manager barriers encountered with providers in implementing these practices.


Sipes, C. (2020). Project management for the advanced practice nurse (Second edition. ed.). Springer Publishing Company.

White, K., Dudley-Brown, S., & Terhaar, M. F. (2021). Translation of evidence into nursing and healthcare. Springer Publishing Company. Identifying Barriers To Implementation And Plan Essay Paper

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