Intercultural Communication Reading Report

Intercultural Communication Reading Report

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Read Sheena Howard’s essay “Intercultural (Mis)Communication: Why Would You ‘Out’ Me in Class?” The essay uses autoethnography to analyze an uncomfortable intercultural experience that she had as a graduate student. Write a reading response of at least 400 words responding to the prompt below.

Paragraph 1. First, provide background information about Sheena Howard. Which co-cultural groups does Howard identify with? In a few sentences, briefly describe the experience she had and why it made her uncomfortable. .

Paragraph 2. Howard uses schema theory to analyze her experiences. Briefly explain schema theory in your own words and then define each of the eight schemas in a sentence or so each. Feel free to use direct quotations here.

Paragraph 3. How does schema theory explain the diverging reactions that Howard and her classmate “Jane” had in this situation? In what ways might being aware of schemas help us to be better intercultural communicators?

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