Is Morality Relative


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Is Morality Relative – YouTube

Make a list of all the moral issues presented in this video.

According to J. Rachels, what is the core of Ethics?

Pick a case where you can accept the practice and use Moral Relativism as a tool to support your argument.

Pick a case where you cannot accept the practice and use Moral Absolutism to support your argument.

Is Morality Relative?

Moral/ethical relativism: Morality can only be judged with respect to particular situations, within the standards of particular belief systems and socio-historical contexts.

Moral anti-realism: Morality cannot be proved with objective moral facts

Cultural relativism is the principle— one’s beliefs and activities should be interpreted in terms of one’s culture.

According to Cultural relativism—It would not be correct to judge one culture’s way of living as better than another as they are all just different and every standard is bound to the particular culture.


Moral Absolutism: The view that there are universal, eternal moral truths for all societies.

Moral Realism: There are true moral statements which report objective moral facts

J. Rachel’s : Human Welfare– Act in such a way that you promote the interest of the person affected by your action, everyone’s interest is given equal weight.

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