LAWS62063 Evaluative Report – Intellectual Property Law Assessment Solutions

LAWS62063 Evaluative Report – Intellectual Property Law Questions

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Assignment Detail:

  • Subject: Law
  • Number of Words*: 4000
  • Citation/Referencing Style: APA

Assessment Question

Intellectual property law can be considered to have various dimensions through which benefits can be assured for various persons, natural and legal. While considering the aforesaid notion on intellectual property law, you are required to select one of the following areas of consideration and develop an evaluative report based on a selected case study.

  1. Importance of Intellectual Property Law to Tourism
  2. Intellectual Property Law and Cultural Identity
  3. Intellectual Property Law and Competition among Business Entities
  4. Intellectual Property Law in the Age of Technology
  5. Intellectual Property Law as an Encouragement for Creativity
  6. The Contribution of Intellectual Property Law for New Businesses
  7. Intellectual Property Law and Developing Nations

Specific Instructions

  • Please note that you should select one of the areas given above for your evaluative report.
  • You have the freedom to decide the topic of your evaluative report based on the selected area.
  • The evaluative report should be based on a case study selected from the Sri Lanka.
  • In the evaluative report, you are supposed to select one other jurisdiction (in addition to Sri Lanka) for the purpose of conducting a comparative analysis.

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