Leadership Theories In Nursing Practice Essay Discussion

Leadership Theories In Nursing Practice Essay Discussion

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Respond to below colleagues disscusion post on explaining how the leadership skills they described may impact your organization or your personal leadership, or by identifying challenges you see in applying the skills described.

Leadership Theories in Practice

Leadership in nursing is a critical aspect of healthcare delivery, encompassing various roles and responsibilities aimed at ensuring quality patient care, fostering a supportive work environment, and driving organizational success ( Ali & Khan, 2023). Nurse leaders play a pivotal role in guiding and inspiring their teams, promoting professional growth and development, and advocating for the needs of both patients and staff. Transformational leadership has been one of the most effective leadership styles in healthcare and focuses on giving people a feeling of purpose that goes beyond getting things. By creating an empowering atmosphere, it aims to inspire and motivate employees to work as an effective and creative team (Collins, et al., 2020)Leadership Theories In Nursing Practice Essay Discussion.


Effective nursing leadership involves strong communication skills, the ability to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, and a commitment to evidence-based practice and continuous improvement (Chan, et al., 2023). Nurse leaders also demonstrate empathy, integrity, and resilience, serving as role models for their colleagues and empowering them to achieve excellence in their practice. By embodying these qualities and leading by example, nurse leaders contribute to positive patient outcomes, staff satisfaction, and the overall advancement of the nursing profession (ANA Resources Hub, 2023)Leadership Theories In Nursing Practice Essay Discussion.

Key Take aways

The nursing leadership landscape is shifting towards transformational styles, focusing on inspiration, motivation, and empowerment to achieve organizational goals. This approach fosters collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision, leading to improved patient care outcomes. Emotional intelligence, self-awareness, empathy, and interpersonal skills are also being emphasized, promoting a culture of respect and collaboration in healthcare settings (Broome & Marshall, 2021).

Leaders†behavior and its impact on workplace

Transformational leaders in nursing inspire and motivate their teams by fostering a sense of shared purpose and vision. These leaders empower their staff to innovate and contribute creatively to patient care while promoting a culture of continuous improvement (ANA Resources Hub, 2023). I collaborated with a Patient Care manager responsible for overseeing a postpartum Unit. This manager promotes transparent communication among staff members during staff meetings, facilitates staff growth through educational and training opportunities, and exemplifies compassionate care for newborns and their mothers. These qualities exemplify transformational leadership.

Chan, et al., (2023), expressed that effective nurse leaders incorporate evidence-based practice into patient care by promoting good practice, influencing the environment to adopt evidence-based practices, and integrating evidence-based practice actions into care. Leadership Theories In Nursing Practice Essay Discussion

The nurse educator on the postpartum unit demonstrated transformative leadership in academia by inspiring staff and students to thrive, promoting critical thinking skills, and advocating for evidence-based practice. Both the Patient Care Manager and Educator placed high importance on the welfare of the team members, advocated for care that focuses on the needs of patients, and worked towards establishing work cultures that promote good health and where staff felt appreciated and driven to reach high standards.


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