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SCM 453, Sections 2 & 3: Supply Chain Planning Group Assignment #2, Part 2
Fall 2021

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This assignment is to be submitted online via the Canvas learning system by the due date and time posted
on Canvas. A single person from each group should submit one PDF file online. The file should be a write-
up in a PDF format which incorporates results of your analysis of the Materials Requirements Planning at
A-Cat Corp Case, as presented in Part 1 of the assignment, and includes all supporting exhibits for the
report. All charts, diagrams, tables, and the report should be formatted to look professional. Points may
be deducted for formatting related issues. Not following directions will result in a penalty of undetermined

Materials Requirements Planning at A-Cat Corp Case Analysis Memo

Sunita Menon, has received the analysis (i.e., Group Assignment #2-Part 1) from her skilled colleague
and has decided to postpone the meeting with her operations manager till after he has had a chance to
read her report incorporating the results of the analysis. Write a memo to Shirish Ranaparkhi, the
operations manager of A-Cat Corp, detailing recommendations for curbing production costs based on
the analysis performed. The write-up should have a memo style heading and should contain a
description of recommended changes and an explanation of why the changes will result in the desired
improvement, and any anticipated consequences of implementing the changes. The memo should stand
alone and be complete. In other words, any exhibits needed to justify your recommendations should be
included with the memo. Twelve-point font and single-line spacing should be used. There is a four-page
limit (including exhibits) on the length of the memo. This means that the PDF document for the memo
should contain no more than four pages!

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