Marketing 300- WEEK 5 discussion—— Select Topic 1 and Topic 3.

Post your main topic responses by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Saturday.

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Respond toeach topic as a separate thread, and title your post by topic number and your name so that it is clear which topic is being discussed and by whom. For example, Topic 1 Joe Smith.

Make value-added reply posts toat least 2 classmates by 11:59 p.m.Eastern Tuesday. A minimum of 2 reply posts is required, but 3 or more value-added replies to classmatethreads may earn maximum credit.Do not change the title lines, but to address the person by name at the top of the text box.

Supporting your views with references:

When you make an assertion of fact or use a source for information, provide a reference and an in-text citation (both in APA style) to support your writing, or state that it is based on your own experience.

For the 2 topic responses: each requires a minimum of 1 internal and 1 2 external sources per the rubric (acceptable and recent, dated 2018 to present) referenced and cited in-text using APA style. For maximum credit, you will need more external sources

For the reply to peers topic responses: each requires a minimum of 2 recent external sources. For maximum credit, you will need more sources.

Regarding sources: Internal sources include the material in our course content. These references are for the marketing concepts in the topic. External sources include the research you perform in order to apply the marketing concepts to products/services, competitors, industries, and customers.

See the for specific criteria and expectations for the discussion assignment. Also review Content/Getting Started/.

NOTE: Each source requires an APA reference and each reference required an APA citation. For more about APA style see: Purdue OWL and the APA Style Guide 7th Edition:

TOPIC 1: Connecting with Customers

Describe a story (from a novel or even a TV show) that held your attention where you couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Now, consider how the elements of a brand tell a story. How do you connect with perceptions of your favorite brands? Do they tell a story?

TOPIC 2: Perceptual Map

Create a perceptual map for these major theme parks: Walt Disney World, Universal, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, and Cedar Point. You determine the primary factors to place on the X and Y axis and how they are likely positioned by consumers. Describe your map, why you chose each factor for X and Y, and whether you feel these companies have a clear space in the minds of consumers. Upload an image of your map for your peers to review. (This can be a simple Word document with basic x and y axis lines, or you can use another software program and save your image as a .jpg to be added here. It should be limited to Word, .jpg, or .pdf files to ensure others can view it. It is best to paste it within the response.)

TOPIC 3: Branding and Positioning

Case Study: Coke vs. PepsiThis case study discussion is about branding. Formulate a response responding to the specific questions below rather than those within in the case study. Review this case study:

  • Coke and Pepsi offer products that are close substitutes. How do the companies position their brands to differentiate their products? Be sure to use examples from the case study.
  • Each of the brands have used celebrity endorsers. Name a celebrity endorser for each brand and how they reflect a different position in the market.
  • How are Coke and Pepsi positioning themselves to be the dominant choice of the younger generations such as Generation Z and Alpha?
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