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Introducing: Magic & Divination

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Our new home for all things witchy and wonderful, plus the enchanting community bringing these projects to life



October 19, 2021

Today we launch 

Magic & Divination

, a new home for all things mystical on Kickstarter.

From true materia magica made by and for witches and wizards; to otherworldly games, films, and books; our site has supported thousands of magical, mystical projects in every category and every medium, from all sorts of creators, in all corners of the world.

Magically-minded creators understood Kickstarter’s potential from a very early point in our existence. Now, more than a decade later, everyone from traditional practitioners and high ceremonialists to feral pagans and internet chaotes have run absolutely enchanting campaigns. We’ve seen sorcerous types making everything from tarot and oracle decks, to planetary bumper stickers, freshly-translated grimoires, alchemical skincare, goetic graphic novels, some bitchin’ scented candles, and so much more.

We’re proud to have finally built a place where members of this community will be able to easily find and thoroughly celebrate everyone’s Great Work—from awesome campaigns to illuminating articles on 
The Creative Independent
, the latest Witch Stuff on the Internet, and much more to come in the future.

But for the moment, sit for a spell and celebrate Spooky Season with us. Read on to learn more about our community, and how you can join in the magic.

Kickstarter itself is a powerful magical tool.

Imagine a secret club that nearly anyone can join, made up of people spanning all continents and time zones, working in seemingly infinite permutations and media, manifesting their most far-out dreams into physical form—taking an abstract cluster of thoughts hovering somewhere in your consciousness, and turning it into a real-life object you can hold in your hands, through the combined powers of intention, clarity, and belief.

All Kickstarter creators are engaged in some level of enchantment, whether purposeful or not—but magic-minded members of our community know every campaign is a ritual, and every deck, enamel pin, or wand resulting from a project is thus empowered with the energy of the collective. Our platform is another piece of materia in that way, and one can use it to cast a spell that changes your whole life.

The occulture community has gathered (and thrived) on Kickstarter for as long as we’ve been around.

Thousands of projects having to do with magic, sorcery, divination, and more have been run since Kickstarter was launched: every day, across every category from Games to Art to Music, first-time artists launch life-changing campaigns alongside historically kick-ass creators on their 
!) project.

We’ve been blessed to have a front-row seat as creators using our platform have pushed the boundaries of magic, divination, and occulture; inarguably sparking so much of what people are interested in at this unprecedented moment of fascination with the mystical and numinous.

Above all, we’ve been waiting for you.

The ritual is ongoing, and there are many ways you can join in the magic.

Peruse the 
Magic & Divination
 page, contribute toward the creation of your new favorite 

, or 
tool set

 from spellbinding artists on our sister site, The Creative Independent.

Ready to manifest your wildest dreams? Launch a project of your own 

And of course, save this page in your Book(marks folder) of Shadows, because this is just the beginning.

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