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Scheduling, Team Building, and Evaluation

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The next aspect of successful planning is to develop a budget for the implementation of the plan. Without an adequate budget, especially for advertising,
the plan will be unlikely to succeed. This is where it is important to involve in the planning process those individuals who will implement the plan, because
they are the ones most likely to have an accurate idea of the resources which will be needed to implement the plan. They will also be the best quali�ed to
determine what is possible within the budget. Together with the budget, an implementation schedule needs to be developed. The schedule should detail
when the stages of the plan will be implemented. It should list time frames for different media campaigns and specify when different milestones toward the
organization’s goal are to be accomplished. Finally, it should list who is responsible for which of the events and when progress reports are due. Finally, it’s
very important to make sure the individuals implementing the plan are a team. A team works together on a common goal. Because the members of the
team understand their individual roles and of the other team members, they can coordinate effectively with each other.

The goals for the plan should be speci�c—a stated percent increase in sales or revenues or a speci�c increase in the number of units sold. Often, an increase
in market share is also used as a performance goal. Once the goals are selected, a timetable needs to be developed specifying the progress toward those
goals. Often, this includes a monthly schedule of events associated with the plan. Each of these time periods should have speci�c milestones associated
with them. These milestones should be clearly stated so it is easy to measure the progress in the implementation of the plan.

Great bosses know it’s important to build trust in organizations. But managers can’t simply mandate it, any more than they can command people in our
programs to reach out to each other. It must be their own choice. But leaders can create an atmosphere where the choosing comes easily.

Click this link to see eight tips for building trust among a group of people (

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