Marketing Plan produced by implementing the processing plan


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You are employed by a financial institution and have been asked to carry out an analysis of data to assess which existing customers are most likely to leave the services provided by the institution. Based on this analysis you have been asked to produce a targeted evidence based costed marketing plan which will enhance retention amongst existing customers. This plan will include recommendations for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which can be used and deployed within the organisation. 

Task Assessment Component B (Marketing Plan) 

The task for this assignment is to produce an evidenced based costed marketing plan with recommendations for KPIs which can be deployed and used in the organisation to monitor the effectiveness of your plan. Production of the plan will involve implementing the processing plan (with feedback for improvement from the module leader) produced in Assessment Component A (Processing Plan) . The report should describe the data sources and data processing/classification techniques you applied, the results from this analysis including the prediction of the dependent variable (retention for individual customers) with its associated accuracy and a clear explanation of how the results of this prediction is linked to your marketing strategy and development of KPIs. Indicative costs for your proposed marketing strategy should be given. StructureA recommended structure for the report is defined below. There is a limit of 2500 words for the report, this does not include 


1.Title Page

2.Table of Contents

3.Introduction (context of the analysis)

4.Present an overview of the data

5.Present, describe and analyse the prediction of the dependent variable (retention) including an analysis of the accuracy of your prediction. 

6.Outline the strengths and weaknesses of the prediction7.Suggest ways in which the data generated by your classification method could be deployed including Key Peformance Indicators 

8.Develop and recommend marketing strategies and tactics that could be adopted to reduce the churn/ attrition of the customers/ members of the financial service organisation. 

9.Suggest and present any budgetary, and other resource implications of implementing the marketing recommendations

10.ReferencesPlease be aware, the processing plan I ordered received a very poor mark, this is worrying because this marketing plan is based on implementing the processing plan. I’m attaching the processing plan as well as the tutor’s feedback, please read through this and try to write a marketing plan in a way that will make up for the other plan. 

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT as any issues with this plan could cause me to fail. I’m also attaching the brief of the assignment for any other information you needFor references, please use journal articles, books, etc… rather than just websites

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