MAT FPX 2001 Assessment 1 Initial Survey Design Template

MAT FPX 2001 Assessment 1 Initial Survey Design Template

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MAT FPX 2001 Assessment 1 Initial Survey Design Template

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Capella University

MAT FPX 2001 Statistical Reasoning

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Record your responses on the template below each question and upload this document as your assessment submission. Do not change any items on the template except add or delete space.

1. What is the topic of your survey?

The topic of this survey is “Why managers should promote learning in the workplace.”

2. Why is the topic important? How might the study results be used in your personal or professional life?

The current topic holds significance in organizational learning and employee growth within contemporary business organizations. Managers play a pivotal role in promoting employee learning and development. The study aims to analyze and explore managers’ learning-oriented leadership and the necessary conditions they should fulfill before fostering a learning culture. The findings will contribute to improving managerial procedures and practices, enhancing leadership skills, and promoting continuous lifelong learning in both personal and professional life.

3. What are the potential variables to be included in data gathering?

Potential Dependent Variables:

  • Employee Performance
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Employee Retention
  • Organizational Success

MAT FPX 2001 Assessment 1 Initial Survey Design Template

Potential Independent Variables:

  • Managerial Support
  • Training and Development Programs
  • Learning Culture
  • Employee Motivation
  • Access to Resources

These variables are crucial in creating an organizational learning culture and aiding managers in boosting employees’ knowledge and innovation.

4. Define the population to be studied.

This study’s population comprises individuals working in business organizations (SMEs and corporations), including both males and females from various industrial sectors. The sample size is 50 people, including higher management, officers, HR employees, and CEOs, with diverse characteristics such as age (18-50 years) and different ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

5. Explain why this is the best population for your study.

Choosing this population aligns with the researcher’s career goals and aspirations in business management. The focus on business employees, managers, and leaders allows for an in-depth understanding of how different individuals encourage learning in their organizations. The collected data from this population will be pertinent for drawing conclusions and making recommendations to improve learning practices in firms.

Quantitative Interpretation

1. What percentage of your work time do you allocate to learning and development activities?

  • 0-10%
  • 11-25%
  • 26-50%
  • 51-75%
  • 76-100%

2. What percentage of employees who participate in training and development programs report an improvement in job performance?

  • Less than 25%
  • 25-50%
  • 51-75%
  • 76-100%
  • Not sure/No response

3. What percentage of your company’s annual budget is allocated towards employee training and development?

  • Less than 1%
  • 1-3%
  • 4-6%
  • 7-10%
  • More than 10%

MAT FPX 2001 Assessment 1 Initial Survey Design Template

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