MHA FPX 5016 Assessment 1 Analysis of Electronic Health Records

MHA FPX 5016 Assessment 1 Analysis of Electronic Health Records


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MHA-FPX 5016 Introduction to Health Information Systems

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Meaningful Use (MU) in healthcare refers to the utilization of electronic health records (EHRs) to improve patient care, safety, and efficiency. It involves using EHR technology in a way that improves healthcare quality and outcomes while also meeting specific criteria set by regulatory bodies. MU is crucial for modern healthcare systems as it promotes standardized practices, facilitates data-driven decision-making, and enhances patient engagement.

Independence Medical Center’s Current State of Compliance

Independence Medical Center is compliant with the implementation of EHR systems to facilitate meaningful use objectives. The primary EHR system in use at the center is Opus, which was implemented in 2008. However, while Opus serves as the main EHR system, it is not integrated with other essential systems such as PACS, CPOE, the pharmacy system, and the lab system.

EHR Issues


The center faces various administrative challenges related to EHR usage, including billing issues, supply charge discrepancies, wireless syncing issues, and the need for extensive training due to the use of multiple systems.

MHA FPX 5016 Assessment 1 Analysis of Electronic Health Records

Clinical Management and Staff

Clinical staff encounter issues with EHRs not effectively communicating with other systems, resulting in problems with accessing results and using multiple systems simultaneously. Additionally, there is a lack of support for workflow processes, leading to incomplete and untrustworthy documentation.

Upgrades and Improvements

The center aims to address these challenges by implementing upgrades and improvements aligned with MU and the HITECH Act. These enhancements include adopting a more user-friendly EHR system with better integration capabilities, facilitating seamless communication between different systems, and streamlining documentation processes.

EHR Improvements/Upgrades

Several specific improvements and upgrades are proposed to enhance EHR functionality, including:

  • Consolidating information into a single screen view
  • Automatically pulling previous patient data into current visits
  • Prepopulating notes with relevant information
  • Implementing hard stops for required data entry fields
  • Using different text colors to highlight abnormal information
  • Automatically recording test results
  • Providing alerts for drug interactions and allergies

Approaches for Keeping Compliance

To maintain compliance with MU requirements, the center plans to conduct yearly training sessions, continuously promote MU goals, gradually transition away from paper-based processes, and foster open communication among staff members.


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MHA FPX 5016 Assessment 1 Analysis of Electronic Health Records

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