MHA FPX 5016 Assessment 2 Information System Job Description and Summary

MHA FPX 5016 Assessment 2 Information System Job Description and Summary


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MHA-FPX 5016 Introduction to Health Information Systems

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Health Information Management Job Description and Summary


The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid changes, particularly with the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs). It is crucial for healthcare organizations to have a robust health information management system to ensure the accuracy, protection, accessibility, and compliance of their data. Vila Health Independence Medical Center is currently seeking to recruit a Health Information Manager to oversee their EHR system and ensure long-term compliance with meaningful use guidelines.

Organization’s Need

With the shift to electronic health records, the role of a certified health information manager is increasingly critical in ensuring that Vila Health’s information is managed and protected according to meaningful use guidelines. The expansion of health information technology is transforming the operational landscape of healthcare organizations. As of 2017, over 98% of hospitals in the United States had demonstrated meaningful use or adopted, implemented, or upgraded their EHR systems (Health IT, 2017). Vila Health needs a health information manager to manage the growing IT demands. This role involves organizing, overseeing, and protecting patient health information, which includes symptoms, diagnoses, medical histories, laboratory results, and procedures, ensuring the data’s quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security (Mayo Clinic, n.d.).

Meaningful use has specific objectives that healthcare professionals and hospitals must achieve to qualify for CMS incentive programs. These objectives include improving quality, safety, and efficiency, reducing health disparities, engaging patients, improving care coordination, and maintaining privacy and security (Mushtaq, 2015). The health information manager will ensure long-term compliance with meaningful use by monitoring workflows and integrating processes. Vila Health’s Independence Medical Center must eventually transition away from paper-based processes, as EHRs have fewer errors and allow multiple users to access files from any location (USF Health, 2021).

Successful integration of EHRs is vital for ensuring quality, safety, and efficiency, enabling real-time communication and data sharing among practitioners (Nexhealth, n.d.). This was a key issue identified by Vila Health’s Quality Assurance Manager, highlighting the importance of hiring the right candidate to address these challenges and ensure long-term compliance with meaningful use and current incentive programs. Attracting the right candidates requires clarity about the position requirements in the job advertisement.

Financial Impact

Hiring a new health information manager has significant financial implications beyond just their salary. The costs of hiring a new employee include recruiting, training, employee benefits, and salary (Davies, 2020). Recruitment expenses include job advertising, drug screenings, background checks, and the time cost of internal recruiters reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates. It is estimated that a company spends an average of $4,129 per hire (Society for Human Resource Management, 2021). Training a new employee is a costly investment, with companies spending an average of $1,286 annually on training, which can take up to 42 hours to complete (Mueller, 2021). The average nationwide salary for health information management is $76,762 (ZipRecruiter, n.d.). Benefits, ranging from minor to major, can add 25% to 40% to the salary (Boston Business Journal, n.d.).

To gain leadership buy-in, it is important to highlight the benefits of hiring a Health Information Manager. Technology can enhance operational efficiency and reduce healthcare costs. By integrating all systems, the Health Information Manager can lower administrative expenses (Siddhartha, 2019). A unified system can facilitate faster data retrieval, leading to quicker diagnoses and treatments.


Vila Health Independence Medical Center needs a Health Information Manager to maintain compliance with meaningful use guidelines and address compliance gaps identified by the Quality Assurance Manager. This role will not only enhance efficiency but also reduce costs. Hospitals with EHRs have been found to lower their average costs by 12% (Highfill, 2019).

Job Description: Health Information Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Improve information systems and processes used by practitioners.
  • Ensure accuracy through thorough data collection and input.
  • Communicate and train staff about best practices for data input.
  • Develop codes to protect data, fix bugs, and address glitches or data corruption.
  • Perform audits to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines.
  • Analyze data to identify trends and inefficiencies.


  • Quality focus
  • Knowledge of medical terminology
  • Ability to work in fast-paced environments
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Proficiency in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and EHR Systems

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management (HIM), Business, or a related field
  • HIM Certification
  • Knowledge of CPT, ICD, and HCPCS coding techniques
  • 4+ years of experience


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MHA FPX 5016 Assessment 2 Information System Job Description and Summary

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MHA FPX 5016 Assessment 2 Information System Job Description and Summary

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