MHA FPX 5016 Assessment 4 Improvement Proposal about Health Improvement

MHA FPX 5016 Assessment 4 Improvement Proposal about Health Improvement


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MHA-FPX 5016 Introduction to Health Information Systems

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Improvement Proposal about Health Improvement

Vila Health Medical Center has faced challenges with the Opus electronic medical records system, particularly regarding interoperability with other health data systems. This has led to decreased productivity and various operational challenges. Ensuring meaningful use of patient data is crucial for enhancing efficiency and clinical outcomes. Therefore, the proposal suggests adopting a new EHR system and hiring a health information management (HIM) expert to ensure compliance and improve overall performance. This proposal integrates stakeholder analysis and recommendations for implementing contemporary data analysis programs.

Logistical and Technical Changes Recommendations

Key concerns identified by clinical and leadership staff include the need to improve compliance with MU guidelines, enhance management of health information, and increase access to reliable healthcare data. The current system’s shortcomings, such as difficulty in tracking admissions and data, highlight the necessity for a new approach. The proposal emphasizes the importance of accurate and high-quality data for improved healthcare outcomes. Hiring an HIM expert would facilitate the implementation of a new EHR system and ensure effective data management practices.

Data Results, Outcomes, and Alignment with Vila Health Goals

An HIM expert possesses the necessary expertise to address legal, medical, and administrative standards, ensuring compliance with meaningful use guidelines and safeguarding patient privacy. By managing health information systems and analyzing patient data, the HIM professional can optimize incentive payments and improve overall healthcare delivery. Integration of systems and access to updated information would enhance operational efficiency and financial health.

Trends and Best Practices of Data Analysis

Utilizing performance dashboards and key performance indicators can enhance performance management and decision-making. These tools facilitate real-time analysis of data, enabling leaders to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions. However, stakeholder buy-in and addressing data privacy concerns are critical for successful implementation.

Stakeholders Proposal

Collaboration with stakeholders is essential for system integration and enhancing data accessibility. Implementing the EPIC system would improve information sharing and patient satisfaction. Stakeholders must be engaged throughout the process to ensure successful adoption and address any concerns.


The proposal concludes that upgrading to a new EHR system will yield numerous benefits for patients and the organization. Improved interoperability and system integration will enhance productivity and streamline workflows. Ultimately, this investment will lead to better patient outcomes, reduced costs, and organizational sustainability.


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MHA FPX 5016 Assessment 4 Improvement Proposal about Health Improvement

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MHA FPX 5016 Assessment 4 Improvement Proposal about Health Improvement

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