NURS FPX 6216 Assessment 3 Budget Negotiations and Communications

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NURS FPX 6216 Assessment 3

Budget Negotiations and Communications

Since the financial matters of Anthony Medical Center are also a significant concern, funding and specific communication processes should be discussed to contribute to its profitable financial budgeting.

Budget implications: This strategic plan presents the following budget considerations for nursing care to unsourced senior patients in the centers’ 37-bed wards, with a total revenue budget of $280. 7 billion. Significant categories include net patient services, inpatient/outpatient care, contractual changes, charity care, other revenue, lab/core, supplies, and areas like wages, utilities, and depreciation.

These elements remain uncertain and must be tackled to attain the set goal for staff productivity and thus improve the center’s operation. As elaborated in this plan, Anthony Medical Center will continue to advance in delivering quality healthcare and overall organizational performance, supporting the mission and realizing long-term objectives and success.

Identification of Areas of Uncertainty

Activities that remain vague are the value prescriptions planned for an organization, with the idea that they may succeed. On the one hand, it is the mere schedule for managing the amount of money required for organizational activities; on the other hand, it is likely to fail to achieve organizational objectives.

However, to do this, more information that might be useful in the strategic plan needs to be mentioned to continue noticing that other factors might include, for instance, mobility as well as technology costs (Rodríguez-González et al., 2019).

Plan to Meet Staff Productivity Goals

Employees, therefore, must find ways to communicate potential productivity improvements with the organization’s senior executives. Achieving national development goals may involve much staff, require required materials, equipment, and accessories, and likely generate waste or trash.

New technologies like EHR (Electronic et al. ), which has reduced medication mistakes, and Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA) must improve organizational performance to meet organizational productivity objectives.

Consider an index to begin defining goals for this type of organization. Measures that can be assessed include the quantity of waste generated, the operating costs, the number of hours required for human labor, and the number of workers who execute a specific task. Explain what achievement goals are and what they must achieve for each factor.

Second, the relative values of the parameters at the current and target states are determined. Staffing level will influence organizational objectives because the organization’s productivity level is one of the primary objectives of the hospital; this could improve patient care and generate more income for the organization. In other words, the competency or incompetence of the staff employed in the organization affects the organization’s goal negatively or positively (Ali et al., 2019).

Select the most critical aspects of performance. This impacts the total organizational throughput or varies dramatically from the rate intended within a given period.

Rational for rejecting alternative approve

This was followed by rejecting the alternative budget based on the premise that, like other careers with systemic implications, the budget significantly amplified stress and entailed the commitment of labor and financial capital as a derivative of the operational budget estimate.

Long-term orientation: discourage strategic planning by focusing more on the current goal than on the long-term plan (Ali et al., 2019).

Justification of Equipment and Service Cost

Being among the primary needs for delivering medical care and service, equipment expenses substantially contributed to achieving the goals and objectives of the Anthony Medical Center.

NURS FPX 6216 Assessment 3 Budget Negotiations and Communications

According to perspective two, there needs to be more machinery in an organization since this will help imply greater organizational productivity. This cost is calculated by reviewing labor productivity and the machinery price offered (Ho & Huang, 2019). The occurrence also includes a note of the price of the technology and the service that Gordon went for.

Cost of labor $ 80,0000
Cost of Machinery $ 780,000

Regarding section D of the plan, the projected cost of $ 26,420 was made on the assumption of items to be bought on or after January 04, 2024. The setting up new equipment requires the revision of the Equipments Administration Expense with a projected budget of $780000 in the Anthony Medical Center.

Also, Anthony Hospital decree that by March 12, 2024, all the completed projects must have the existing price for the machinery costs. Otherwise, they can take indefinite time to decide on a project’s start mode and buy or import the necessary medical supplies.

The following information from the organization’s staff and labor is to obtain the old and new budget, as this would assist in evaluating resource maximization as described in the context above by Ho & Huang (2019).

Project Alignment with Anthony Medical Center Mission and Goals

Anthony Medical Center’s mission statement included the crucial step toward developing a sound operating expense projection and a strategic outline. As one of the organizational departments that contribute to the organization’s improvement, the productivity of the healthcare departments and units can help patients find an appropriate healthy environment.

From the project plan, one can also associate it with the organization’s mission and goal. The more efficient the plan is, the more potential it will have that can turn into success and improve the capacity of organizational performance and productiveness (Businger et al., 2019).

Mission Statement

The Anthony Medical Center has established its mission of approaches for patient care and program, patient safeguards, a model of care, patients ’ health, lighter workloads to employees and the organization as a whole, efficiency, better rankings over rivals, and minimized death rates (Pelikan et al., 2022).

The goals of Anthony Medical Hospital are to provide high-quality and efficient healthcare services while taking care of the needs of patients, doctors, and nurses, the community as a whole, and the organization as a business. The Plan will be integrated at Anthony Medical Center to meet the established objective of offering the right resources to ensure ethical, effective, and honorable healthcare in the present and the future. Therefore, to provide opportunities for training programs, the Anthony Medical Center will continue constructing its plan for managerial succession (Pelikan et al., 2022).

The study by Vermeulen et al. (2019) also has an evidence base and affirms my argument. They presented a productivity and performance plan for 2020 for the pharmacy department. They mentioned that the proposed plan would enhance its productivity and performance to meet the community’s healthcare needs. The following strategic plan was developed per the outlined goals and objectives to improve organizational performance and productivity (Vermeulen et al., 2019).


In summary, the strategic budget plan for Anthony Medical Center focuses on increasing staff efficiency or output, controlling expenditures, and positioning the center with relevant costs that meet its mission in the next five years. It is preparing to set aims to work on outstanding issues like patient services, contracting changes, and uncompensated care, as well as enhance using labor and devices effectively to develop its performance and the general quality of patient care.

By generating more funds for its regular operation, this approach contributes to the center’s sustainability while keeping its core values of delivering ethical and efficient healthcare services. Thus, consonant budget talks with sufficient shared understanding help Antony Medical Center reach its goals and remain relevant in the recommended healthcare market.

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