NURS FPX 6410 Assessment 2 Executive Summary to Administration

Administrative Executive Summary

NURS FPX 6410 Assessment 2 Electronic Health Records also known as Health IT is used by medical institutions and other healthcare facilities in order to manage and store all the relevant data and reports of their patients. Through computing, people may discuss some details face-to-face with their medical practitioners (UCF Online, 2021). Such information should be exchanged with other doctors and workers to develop a schedule for treatment of a patient. Doctors and patients could be able to embrace tools for data and information that would enable them to have relationships or interactions as they have never had. I believe that communication is an essential aspect of ensuring good care is administered to any patient. The data can therefore be utilised by physicians to integrate what they get from patient feedback with what they already possess concerning medicine.

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Strategic Outcomes through Informatics Model Solution

Some senior roles require utilization of enhanced nursing informatics tools because the professional will be involved in great responsibilities such as data identification, care planning, administration of drugs, and patient education among others (UCF Online, 2021). Quite a lot of information is provided to those people who occupy a position in the sphere of the healthcare industry, and this makes the doctors or any other health professionals understand what their patient requires much better. A lot of personal documents pose no risk to privacy if the breast healthcare center or biosciences company in question employs contemporary technology. NURS FPX 6410 Assessment 2 Computer-based health information systems means that it becomes easier for the professional staff, the patient being treated and even the family members to communicate. This makes treatment more effective When this is the case, it makes treatment more effective. 

Researched Theory Or Models To Effect Change

            Healthcare informaticists gather data since it assists in preventing patients from contracting a particular disease in the first place, ensure patient adherence to drug prescriptions, ensure that different specialties in healthcare are aligned towards providing care in line with the required standard, and ensure compliance to legal requirements as well as healthcare information laws. Every day, healthcare organizations can function due to doctors, nurses, managers and all other types of supporting medical personnel who deal with various types of measured data and various approaches to the organization of data and various manners of data processing and data presentation. NURS FPX 6410 Assessment 2 Nursing professionals who have formal education and also have an interest in or enjoy computer work seek for ways to apply and harness data and auto work to address issues to do with humane personalised care (TigerConnect, 2020). This combination will therefore be beneficial in the extent to which the health of the patients will be improved.

NURS FPX 6410 Assessment 2 Standards of Practice

            NI field assists the nurses in applying the best HIT system; for example, a software/ hardware system. This is what experts in nursing technology can do: •Design the apps and the systems for nurses.

• Credible ways of handling data to be stored, analyzed, and processed when using the electronic health records must be learnt and employed.

• Nursing tasks can be very challenging therefore, in light of the above data, it is useful to review and examine how nursing tasks can be made easier.

• Allowing IT and healthcare workers to communicate with each other easily;

• What is prescribed by the laws and regulations regarding privacy;

• Training doctors in operation of systems which store and manage electronic health records.

Regulatory Information Impacts The Use Of Health Information Technology

            Nurses are also involved with others to enhance the delivery of health services regarding the use of HIT in the full and effective way (McBride & Tietze, 2022). Specifically, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) states that HIT is important to make things clear, include people, and help control cost and supply for United States healthcare. HIT could potentially assist with making the differences in the manner through which healthcare services are offered something improved and improved. A platform that is open to constant updates renders the utmost convenience for doctors and nurses to get details of a patient’s health and also record reports (NURS FPX 6410 Assessment 2). Despite these issues, HIT contributes to the production of new technologies and the effective utilization of innovations, considering the requirement for new legislation and administration proposals and encouraging the realistic opportunities for HIT to have vast beneficial impacts and even amplify patient care (Martin et al. , 2019).

The Importance Of Creating A HIPAA-Compliant Spreadsheet

            Nurses have a critical assignment in collaboratively improving other professions delivering medical services when more information health technology (McBride & Tietze, 2022) is employed proficiently, wholly and effectively. The ACA states that HIT is needed for clarity, for efficiency, for inclusion and also to ensure that there is data for managing both demand and utilizing the supply of healthcare in the USA. NURS FPX 6410 Assessment 2 Healthcare IT or HIT is still at a young state but it possesses the ability to revolutionize how literally healthcare is delivered. A platform that has constant and continuing updates means that doctors and nurses can access general or specific health information about the patient and record the reports that they have at their disposal (UCF Online, 2021). Despite these issues, HIT contributes to the development of new technologies and use of new technologies, recognising the requirement for improved legal and administrative frameworks while envisioning that there are real opportunities for HIT to achieve significant impacts and enhance the quality of patient care (Martin et al. , 2019).


            One of the many significant functions of health informatics is to assist patients, physicians, other healthcare practitioners, and providers through the process of collecting, indexing, sorting, and processing data. Policies like the healthcare forms HIPAA and ACA regulate who can view and alter information. This shields individuals’ identity as well as the information they provide from malicious individuals. With the development of nursing informatics and the enhancement on health information technology, it has not been difficult for the doctor to glance at, and assess the information. Which then means that people enhanced status of care in the health sector. NURS FPX 6410 Assessment 2 the medical experts particularly the nurses to offer their best services and ensure that the patients receive better health care attention in a faster manner. In this regard, the ultimate purpose of nurse technology is achieved.


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