NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3 Strategic Plan Development

NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3 Strategic Plan Development

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NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3 Strategic Plan Development

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NURS-FPX 8010 Executive Leadership in Contemporary Nursing

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Departmental Strategic Priorities at Adelante Healthcare

The nursing department at Adelante Healthcare acknowledges the increasing demand for nursing services and is undergoing expansion and operational restructuring. To ensure high-quality and cost-effective care, a department-specific strategic plan and balanced scorecard have been developed (see Figure A1). According to Lal (2020), a robust nursing strategic plan serves as a roadmap for the future, providing direction and revitalizing the organization. Adelante’s strategic plan encompasses finance, wellness, people, and patients.

Finance Domain

The nursing department aligns its strategic priority with the organization’s goal to increase revenue. Emphasis is placed on developing and implementing programs, such as the transition of care, to support indirect revenue generation.

Wellness Domain

Adelante prioritizes wellness outcomes and quality metrics. The nursing department focuses on optimizing evidence-based practices to positively impact patient throughput across the care delivery model.

Patient Domain

Patient satisfaction is a key performance indicator (KPI) within the patient domain on Adelante’s balanced scorecard. The nursing department aims to enhance nursing practices, emphasizing patient-centric models of care delivery and staff engagement.

People Domain

Employee retention is crucial for Adelante. The nursing department strategically aligns with this by prioritizing structural empowerment and growing nursing professional practice through professional governance and shared leadership.

Additional details on KPIs for the nursing department’s strategic plan are provided in Figure A2.

These priorities impact various areas and span across all domains of the strategic plan. Professional practice enhancement and evidence-based care focus on both patient and nursing populations, elevating practice standards throughout the organization. Prioritizing patient-centric care model delivery and throughput promotes interdepartmental collaboration and involves patients in improving their experiences. The development and implementation of indirect revenue-generating programs have implications for the finance domain, indirectly influencing patient safety, quality, satisfaction, staff engagement, and empowerment, contributing to a strong organizational reputation within communities.

While these priorities are expected to be achieved over the next 6 months, pending budget approval poses a current obstacle. The nursing department may face limitations in staffing and may need creative solutions based on the approved budget. Gaining buy-in from stakeholders across Adelante’s nine locations is another challenge, but enlisting support from executive sponsors and regional medical directors could facilitate smoother implementation.

Effects of Organizational Policies

The balanced scorecard serves as a common language and framework, ensuring alignment of goals and highlighting collaboration opportunities between departments (Wanga, 2022). Regular policy review and revisions are crucial to align strategic plans and balanced scorecards with organizational policies. Recent policy reviews at Adelante indicate no current policy-based challenges, but ongoing reviews are recommended to address unforeseen challenges.


Strategic planning and the implementation of balanced scorecards are essential tools for aligning organizational initiatives and departmental projects. Adelante Healthcare’s nursing department has developed a specific strategic plan and balanced scorecard aligned with the organizational strategy plan. While the outlined priorities are expected to be achieved over the next 6 months, the department acknowledges potential growing pains and unseen challenges. Regular policy reviews are recommended to ensure alignment and address any emerging challenges. Ultimately, the application of the nursing department’s strategic plan and balanced scorecard aims to achieve equilibrium across disciplines and optimize Adelante’s organizational growth (Stefanovska & Soklevsk, 2014).


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NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3 Strategic Plan Development


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