Nurse Leader With Effective Behaviors And Impact Essay Paper

Nurse Leader With Effective Behaviors And Impact Essay Paper

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Respond to below colleagues disscusion post on explaining how the leadership skills they described may impact your organization or your personal leadership, or by identifying challenges you see in applying the skills described.


Two Key Insights

The first critical insight I learned was that transformational leadership involves motivating staff to achieve quotas others may not believe could occur (Broome & Marshall, 2020, p. 15). It is also linked to organizational justice and the integrity of staff put into their work. If nursing staff feel their nursing leadership is fair in their decisions and has a good rapport with them, they will put in just as much effort because they can see their leadership cares as much as they do about their staff (Abdullatif Ibrahim et al., 2023)Nurse Leader With Effective Behaviors And Impact Essay Paper. Even though the bottom line of transformational leadership is to meet the organizationâ€s needs, leadership can explain the main objective to staff and work on the solutions together, giving staff a sense of accomplishment.

The second critical insight I learned from Coladonato and Manning (2017) is that emotionally intelligent nurse leaders help recruit and retain the most skilled nursing talent for their organizations. Organizations with positive leadership from the top-down approach carry over to their nurse leaders, which carries over to their nursing staff and equivalents for employees who report high job satisfaction. Staff are likely to stay longer at their organization as their leadership is levelheaded under pressure, able to analyze situations critically, and motivate staff during crises (Coladonato & Manning, 2017)Nurse Leader With Effective Behaviors And Impact Essay Paper.

Nurse Leader with Effective Behaviors and Impact

My current chief nursing officer, Angi, exhibits emotional intelligence, organizational justice, and transformational leadership while dealing with nursing staff, chemical dependency counselors, and patient issues daily. She starts her day by asking, “What needs to be done (Broome & Marshall, 2020, p. 14)?” She uses our 24-hour shift report to work with the treatment team and a floor nursing staff member to create care plans for our individuals receiving services, as their needs change daily. If changes happen or an error occurs, she takes ownership and does not place blame. She uses the experiences of staff to say we all can learn from this experience to improve things.

If staff has an issue, her door is open, and she allows staff to assist in finding solutions to patient problems. It gives staff a sense of accomplishment. Angi also reminds us daily that our purpose is to provide service to our patients, and we cannot do that if we are having issues that override our primary objective at work, which is to serve (Chan et al., 2023). She requests that if we need time off, we take it as working in behavioral health can be emotionally taxing, but remember to stay within compliance with facility policy as we do so. She is fair, but she ensures we follow the policies and procedures of the facility first and foremost (Abdullatif Ibrahim et al., 2023)Nurse Leader With Effective Behaviors And Impact Essay Paper. Most of the nursing staff that work on our chemical dependency unit have been hired by Angi and stayed on since its opening five years ago.


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Coladonato, A. R., & Manning, M. L. (2017). Nurse leader emotional intelligence: How does it affect clinical nurse job satisfaction? Nursing Management, 48(9), 26–32. Nurse Leader With Effective Behaviors And Impact Essay Paper

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