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Who are some of the people that the term, “OD Practitioner” applies to and what is a way they apply it in their capacity?

What is a change agent? Why is a change agent important?

Find an article from one of the following sources which discusses organizational change. Reference the source and article.
Review 2 other postings and provide substantial comment.
• Business Week:
• Economist:
• Fast Company Magazine
• Forbes:
• Fortune:


MGMT435:7:Online Strategic Management and Planning

BOOK: Strategic Management: Theory & Cases: An Integrated Approach, by Charles W. L. Hill; Melissa A. Schilling; Gareth R. Jones, 14th Edition.

Review Questions Chapter 1 and 2
Chapter 1 –
1. What do we mean by strategy? How is a business model different from a strategy?
2. What do you think are the sources of sustained superior profitability?
3. What are the strengths of formal strategic planning? What are its weaknesses?
Chapter 2 –
1. Under what environmental conditions are price wars most likely to occur in an industry? What are the implications of price wars for a company? How should a company try to deal with the threat of a price war?
2. Discuss the competitive forces model with reference to what you know about the U.S. airline industry (see the Opening Case). What does the model tell you about the level of competition in this industry?
3. Identify a growth industry, a mature industry, and a declining industry. For each industry, identify the following: (a) the number and size distribution of companies, (b) the nature of barriers to entry, (c) the height of barriers to entry, and (d) the extent of product differentiation. What do these factors tell you about the nature of competition in each industry? What are the implications for the company in terms of opportunities and threats?
Please use APA – 7 Format


Discussion Questions Chapter 3
1. What are the primary implications of the material discussed in this chapter for strategy formulation?
2. When is a company’s competitive advantage most likely to be sustained over time?
3. It is possible for a company to be the lowest-cost producer in its industry and simultaneously have an output that is most valued by customers. Discuss this statement.
4. Why is it important to understand the drivers of profitability as measured by the return on invested capital?
5. Which is more important in explaining the success and failure of companies: strategizing to create valuable resources, or luck?



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