Operational Performance of a Fortune 500 Company (last 5 years) Amazon E-Commerce Company

DescriptionDescription Studying real-world business practices is a cornerstone of this course, particularly within the realm of production and operations management. Practical experience in these areas is instrumental, capable of empowering a firm to excel in the competitive landscape, especially during critical decision-making processes.Assignment Overview:1. Operational Performance of a Fortune 500 Company (Last Five Years): The primary objective of this term project is to assess and analyze the operational performance of a Fortune 500 company over the past five years. This undertaking aims to provide students with valuable insights into the strategic operations of the selected company. Students are expected to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to the company’s operational efficiency and critically evaluate the impact of operational decisions on the overall success of the business. 2. Operations and Supply Chain Management for Companies Selling Stigma-Eliciting Products: Operating in a niche market poses significant challenges, and this assignment focuses on understanding how effective operations and supply chain management contribute to overcoming these challenges while maintaining profitability. Students are tasked with discussing how companies dealing in stigmaeliciting products interact with consumers and successfully match their supply with demand. This involves an in-depth exploration of the unique operational strategies and challenges within this specific market segmentPART 4: RESEARCH ESSAY ANDOPERATIONSMANAGEMENT 3 6. At the end of Unit 11, submit your final Research Paper: a. During the previous units, your group will have prepared a formal research paper. b. During this unit, you will take the comments and feedback from the Discussion on days 1- 3 and finalize this paper for submission. Critical thinking is important. Your paper should be a maximum of 2000 words ( 200 words), double-spaced, and in 12-point font (not including cover page and references) following APA format. Reports will be submitted to Turnitin

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