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Research Paper Outline

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I. Title Page

II. Abstract

III. Outline

IV. Introduction

Opening paragraph to grab reader’s attention and set direction

Second paragraph with purpose, problem, research question, and thesis

V. Body (Come up with relevant title)

One paragraph with any specific terms defined

One paragraph with background/historical development

a. Supporting Evidence (Come up with relevant title/this is first box on middle row)

i. First (this should be the first box on the bottom row)

1. Sub-point a

2. Sub-point b

ii. Second (this should be the second box on the bottom row)

1. A

2. B

iii. Third (this is next box on bottom row)

1. A

2. B

b. Supporting Evidence (Come up with title/this is next box on middle row)

i. First (this is next box on bottom row)

ii. Second

iii. Third

VI. Opposing Evidence

One paragraph to explain any research that presents a different or alternate conclusion

One paragraph to explain why the original thesis is still correct instead of this opposing viewpoint

VII. Significance

One or two paragraphs with 2-4 reasons why this research is important

VIII. Recommendations

One or two paragraphs with recommendations for other leaders based on the research

IX. Conclusion

One paragraph to restate purpose, research question, and thesis

One paragraph to briefly mention the major evidence, the major recommendations, and a concluding sentence

X. Bibliography

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