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Strategic Factor Analysis Guidelines

1. Use your completed EFAS and IFAS assignments from weeks three and four.

2. Ensure you have made corrections to the EFAS and IFAS table based on the feedback and comments from your instructor when they were graded.

3. To start building your SFAS matrix, select the ten most strategic factors from your EFAS and IFAS tables.

4. Ensure you select at least two factors from each of your S,W,O, and T factors EFAS and IFAS assignments, for a total of ten. Some will have more than two factors total.

5. Label each factor on your SFAS matrix, such as S1, S2, W1, etc. These numbers need not corresponding with the numbers you used on your EFAS and IFAS assignments.

6. So now you have the “SWOT #” for each SFAS factor and ten “SFAS factors” total. Now a “Weight” for each factor can be developed.

7. Make sure the total weights for these ten factors equals 1.0.

8. Now you can work on the “Comments” for each factor. Ensure you revise your comments to reflect the instructor’s remarks on your EFAS and IFAS assignments. The comments should link directly to the weight you listed for each factor.

9. Use your comments to develop your “Ratings” for each factor.

10. Remember, good comments should be reflected in ratings of 3.8 and higher, average comments should have ratings of 3.3-3.5, and poorly performed comments tend to have ratings below 3.3.

11. Multiply your “Weight” and “Rating” for each factor, and place these numbers in the “Weighted Score” column.

12. Total up the “Weighted Score” column and enter at the bottom of the matrix.

13. Make sure the “Total Weighted Score” matches your perception of how well a firm is operating.

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