OPMAN for Production Services – Assignment

OMGT701 – Operations Management for Products and Services

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Assignment 2


· Carefully answer each question below.

· Save this completed assignment as YourLastName_FirstInitial_Assmt2

· Submit your completed document to the eConestoga eCentennial dropbox for this assignment on or before OCT 30th , 11:59 pm


1. In module five you learned about triple bottom line and how business should consider their social and environmental responsibility and not only their financials. The company should implement their policy at every stage of product life, from sourcing, to manufacturing, to the product end of the life. Please watch the video “made Made in Bangladesh” and answer the related question below.

What are your recommendations for big companies when sourcing from other countries like Bangladesh, and how the disaster in the video could have been avoided? (3 marks)

2. Explain how the house of quality translates customer desires into product/service attributes. (2 marks)

3. Choose one of the three product strategy options learned in class, explain how it is used in product design, give example (2 marks) Comment by hale işeri: It’s Differentiation, Low-Cost, Response Strategy. The concept generally known as Competitive Strategy.

4. How the strategy options vary based on the life cycle of the product? (3 marks)

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