Organization Meeting


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Using the Organization Meeting Summary template as a guide, address the following:


Identify the organization, location, and participants at the meeting. Indicate the role each person plays in the organization.
How did you first approach the organization?
Why did you select this organization?
Does the organization have a key person for the organization who oversees students doing DNP projects?
If there is no key person, who represented nursing and/or nursing students at the meeting.
Describe the DNP Project

Describe exactly what you did to explain the DNP project process at Walden University.
What questions did the participants have and how did you respond?
How did you and the organization identify possible gaps in practice or practice changes that might be addressed by the DNP project.
Describe the gap or problem and cite two sources that justify the gap or problem in nursing.
What approach (clinical practice guideline, staff education, quality improvement initiative) did you discuss to address a practice gap or practice change?
What questions did the organization representatives have, and what were your responses?
How does the proposed practice change support positive social change, diversity, equity, and inclusion?
Project Team

Who would be the key stakeholders and potential team members (e.g. organization leader, project mentor) for a project to address gap in practice or practice change?
Next Steps

Describe the information that you provided to the organization regarding the next steps in the process.
What questions were asked?
What responses did you have?
What decisions were made?

Explore three sources of current evidence (no older than five (5) years) that could support the project initiative. You may include the two citations you cited under the Describe the DNP Project section.


Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the meeting.
What would you have done differently?
What additional information do you need before you meet with your faculty advisor in NURS 8702, project mentoring course.


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