This week as a group, each team is required to deliver:

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  • The Project Design of your project. The paper must be well structured.
  • State:
    • The focus of your research – this is the problem that the group is addressing
    • How was the problem identified – this is the background of the problem 
    • What are the benefits of your research – this is the significance of the problem that has been researched 

    Below are two types of research projects. Select the one that meets your proposed project and include all the listed sections. Your paper must be well structured and must cover the main sections of your research. Case Study                                                                         1. Background, Problem, and Significance – (Worth 13-points)                   2. Purpose Statement –  (Worth 8-points)                                                          3. Research Question –  (Worth 8-points)                                                       4. Paradigm and conduct of the researcher – (Worth 8-points)                  5. Research Design – (Worth 8-points)                                        6. Participants and Sampling – (Worth 7-points)                                      7. Instruments – (Worth 7-points)                                      8. Research Procedures – (Worth 7-points)                                         9. Data Analysis – (Worth 7-points)                                              10. Ethical Consideration – (Worth 7-points)                                          11. Plan for Presenting the Results – (Worth 7-points)                                      12. Summary-Conclusion – (Worth 7 -points)                                           13. References – (Worth 2-points) *****Peer-reviewed within the last 5 years                                             14. Certification Page For Each Group/Team Member- (Worth 2-points)                                          15. Short-bio For Each Group/Team Member- (Worth 2-points)  NOTE: Paper Length: Min 12-pages, Max 14-pages – Font: Time  New Roman – 12                                                             Descriptive Research Study1. Background and Significance – (Worth 12-points)2. Problem Statement – (Worth 6-points) 3. Purpose Statement – (Worth 6-points) 4. Research Questions – (Worth 6-points) 5. Research Hypothesis – (Worth 6-points) 6. Research limitation – (Worth 6-points) 7. Paradigm and conduct of the researcher – (Worth 6-points) 8. Research Design – (Worth 6-points) 9. Participants and Sampling – (Worth 6-points) 10. Instruments – (Worth 6-points) 11. Research procedures – (Worth 6-points) 12. Data Analysis – (Worth 6-points) 13. Ethical Consideration – (Worth 6-points) 14. Plan for Presenting Results – (Worth 6-points) 15. Summary-Conclusion. – (Worth 6-points) 16. References – (Worth 4-points) *****Peer-reviewed within the last 5 years                17. Certification Page For Each Group/Team Member- (Worth 2-points)                                          18. Short-bio For Each Group/Team Member- (Worth 2-points)    NOTE: Paper Length: Min 12-pages, Max 14-pages – Font: Time  New Roman – 12   NOTE 1: You are not required to collect data from the primary source. Make sure you do not state in your paper that you have collected data through interviews. If you mention that you have or will be collecting data in your paper, your group will receive zero (0) for this assignment.NOTE 2 : You will only work with secondary data from Peer-Reviewed Journals.NOTE 3:  This is a continuation of your proposed project that you started in the previous week.Each group will submit:The required sections listed above, and including:

  1. Title Page – the name of each contributor to be included
  2. Abstract
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction to the topic selected
  5. APA formatting

   Steps and Procedures:

  • To complete this assignment, you are required to use “ONLY” Peer-Reviewed Journals within the last 5 years. Do not use any other source to support your research. Use only Peer-Reviewed Journals.
  • Include the reference of the article from the Peer-Reviewed Journal. All references must follow APA style, structure, and formatting.
  • Use the basic citation styles mentioned in the APA Manual, Sixth or Seventh Editions, to cite your sources.
  • This must be submitted in  the group area
  • Ensure you include the selected 10-Articles from Peer-Reviewed Journals as your references and sources (10-Annotated Bibliography).
  • “Only” The leader of your team will submit the assignment.

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