Peer Response 3

· Response should be at least 150 to 200 words in length.

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Hello, class!

My name is Kara. I was born, raised, and currently live on the little island of Guam in the Pacific, and I’m a proud island girl through and through. My husband and I created our little family of seven: us, our three daughters, and our two pups. My declared major is History in hopes of becoming a teacher. My hobbies are honestly whatever my kids want to do. The photo I chose below represents my family. We want our children to really live their childhood and just be kids doing kids things. They’re only getting older, so my husband and I want to enjoy them as children as much as we can.

My score from the assessment landed me in the mid-bracket. I’m not the greatest communicator, but I’m not too bad either. According to my results, my strengths are decoding and feedback. When being spoken to, I feel as if I’m a good listener and I like making sure that I understand the message someone is conveying before I walk away. When speaking, I’m cautious of people’s reactions and body language so as not to offend them. Respect is a big part of my culture, so I’m pretty sure it has a huge influence on why these are my strengths. Source, encoding, and channeling are my areas that need improvement. I’m not surprised that this is the my case. I find it easier to communicate a message via text or email than to communicate verbally or face to face. When communicating through writing, I’m able to proofread or reword my message as many times as I want prior to sending. I’m capable of presenting in class or facilitating trainings, however, I get nervous during casual conversations or small talk. Often I find myself drawing a blank or overthinking if I should say a certain thing or not, because I don’t want to offend anyone or over-divulge.

Of the five steps in the communication process, I need some improvement in three of them. Those three all happen to fall within the speaking half. I’m capable of listening (receiving), but I need to strengthen my skills as a speaker. In order to be a better communicator, I need to even this out and become adequate at both speaking and listening.

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