PHI FPX 2000 Assessment 1 Ethics, Happiness, and the Good Life

PHI FPX 2000 Assessment 1 Ethics, Happiness, and the Good Life

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PHI FPX 2000 Assessment 1 Ethics, Happiness, and the Good Life

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PHI FPX 2000 Ethics

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Ethics, Happiness, and the Good Life

Ethics, happiness, and the good life are interwoven concepts that philosophers have explored for centuries. Ethics offers a framework for moral decision-making and discerning right from wrong. Happiness, a subjective experience of well-being, and the good life, a concept encompassing fulfillment and meaningful existence, are interconnected. Ethical behavior and decision-making contribute to both happiness and the good life (Sutton, 2020).

Definition of Happiness and a Well-Lived Life or the Good Life

My happiness and the good life stem from moral development and cultivating healthy relationships. Happiness, to me, involves a complex interplay of emotions connected to well-being. It goes beyond mere positive feelings, encompassing well-being, purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. Factors influencing happiness include relationships, achievement, physical health, and overall life perception (Sutton, 2020). For example, meeting family and friends after a prolonged period contributes to happiness, as does achieving health goals.

Utilitarianism Ethical Theory

Utilitarianism assesses actions based on their ability to maximize happiness and joy. An action is deemed morally right if it generates joy and happiness for many people, and morally wrong if it fails to lead to happiness. This ethical theory focuses on evaluating actions’ moral worth through the lens of happiness and human life satisfaction (Häyry, 2020).

Core Values and Their Relationship to the Definition of “the Good Life”

Personal core values are foundational beliefs guiding attitudes, behaviors, and decisions. They act as a moral compass and shape choices in various life aspects. Values like ethics, autonomy, respect, empathy, fairness, loyalty, and security contribute to identity and provide purpose and meaning (Steckermeier, 2020). Core values, such as human well-being, respect, health, autonomy, friendship, security, and loyalty, significantly impact life satisfaction and the good life (Steckermeier, 2020).

The Most Important Personal Value

Autonomy and responsibility are core values crucial for understanding others’ right to make decisions and caring for dependents. Autonomy, linked to well-being, satisfaction, and positive emotions, aids in shaping moral values and building healthy relationships. Responsibility, involving caring for others, balances obligations and individual freedom. Both values contribute to life satisfaction, happiness, and the good life (Steckermeier, 2020; Juliebdo, 2018).

Ethical Obligation to Others Related to the Definition of Happiness and the Good Life

Ethical obligations toward others impact the definition of the good life. Respecting rights, promoting well-being, and avoiding harm enhance life satisfaction and self-happiness. Human rights and dignity, rooted in ethical obligations, are integral to defining happiness and the good life (Łuków, 2018). Treating others with respect and dignity fosters healthy relationships and contributes to a positive and fulfilling life (Ikuenobe, 2018).


Core values, fundamental to individual beliefs and behaviors, guide attitudes, decisions, and actions. Living by ethical principles fosters meaningful relationships, trust, respect, and a sense of community, all essential for a fulfilling life. These factors contribute to happiness and the good life, creating conditions for individual well-being, self-enlightenment, and life satisfaction (Ikuenobe, 2018).


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PHI FPX 2000 Assessment 1 Ethics, Happiness, and the Good Life

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PHI FPX 2000 Assessment 1 Ethics, Happiness, and the Good Life

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