Pieces of nonfiction that address a pressing and relevant social issue

Rhetorically analyze two argumentative pieces of nonfiction that address a pressing and relevant social issue (also referred to as texts). By analyzing these texts use of rhetorical strategies and appeals, you will develop a complex understanding of how these texts function and advance their argument. Your texts may be written, visual, aural, or any other kind of multimodal argumentation.

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Your rhetorical analysis must advance a claim about how these texts function as persuasive arguments and the degree to which their arguments are effective or ineffective for their intended audience. That is, this paper must have a thesis claim about the effectiveness of the arguments and consistently support the thesis through textual evidence and analysis. Your paper should explain how the arguments are made not just what the arguments are. You must address ethos, pathos, logos, and Kairos, which are concepts we will cover in class.


  • Compare news articles from two different news sources about the same topic/event
  • Compare trailers of the same documentary/movie that were adapted for different audiences
  • Compare PSAs on the same issue
  • Compare parodiesfor example, a real political speech and an SNL skit of the politician
  • Compare two political ads for the same election (from the same politician or two different politicians). What rhetorical strategies do the candidates implement?
  • Compare two songs that depict an event, issue, or topic from different standpoints


  • make a thesis claim which argues for or against how the rhetorical elements of each text are effective
  • present an effective summary of the texts being analyzed. (Note: even though a summary is an integral part of the assignment, it should not become your main objective.)
  • include sufficient supporting evidence drawn from at least four sources (including the texts being analyzed)
  • apply rhetorical analysis terms and strategies learned in class (ethos, pathos, logos, and Kairos)
  • include a discussion that connects the different elements of your rhetorical analysis to your thesis claim


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