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We have been talking about Success with regard to our perception and what is needed for a project to be considered a success. PMI published their Pulse of the Profession for 2017 and success of projects are on the rise. However, there is another factor that will start to impact the market place soon, Generation Z (See attached article). Success and Generation Z are on a collision course as these new types and styles of workers are on a collision course. After reviewing the two attachments, answer the following questions:

1. Based on the Pulse of the Profession publication, where do you see Generation Z making the most impact as it relates to Project Success and Project Management? Please explain.

2. Given what the article discusses about Generation Z, which attributes would you as the Senior Project Manager/Sponsor try to tap into to try and help your organization achieve success? Please explain.

3. In chapter 18 there is a discussion regarding the learning curve. Understanding what you read in Chapter 18, what issue do you think will be the biggest challenge for Generation Z to tackle? Please explain your position.

4. The start date for your new Generation Z team members is coming. Understanding what you have read in the Pulse of the Profession regarding success, what kind of communication plan and human resource plan adjustments would you suggest creating in an organization to help put the new team members in the right position for success? Please explain your reasoning.


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