PSY FPX 5120 Assessment 4 Team Training Program to Minimize Group Thinking

PSY FPX 5120 Assessment 4 Team Training Program to Minimize Group Thinking

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PSY FPX 5120 Assessment 4 Team Training Program to Minimize Group Thinking

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PSY FPX 5120 Social Psychology

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Team Training Program to Alleviate Groupthink

Groupthink, an occurrence where group members prioritize consensus over critical thinking to evade conflict (Katopol, 2005), can impede creativity and innovation within organizations. It cultivates a climate of conformity, suppressing diverse viewpoints and obstructing the exploration of alternative solutions (Levitan & Verhulst, 2015). To tackle this issue, a comprehensive team training program is proposed, drawing on various strategies to foster independent, creative, and innovative thinking within groups.

Small Group Brainstorming Approach

Implementing a small group approach to brainstorming can alleviate the adverse effects of group dynamics on creativity (McCauley, 1998). By segmenting the team into smaller units, individuals are provided with a conducive environment to freely express their ideas without apprehension of judgment or pressure to conform. This approach not only promotes participation from all members but also facilitates the generation of a broader range of innovative solutions (McCauley, 1998).

Elimination of Team Leadership

The elimination of a dominant team leader during decision-making processes can help mitigate the influence of authority on individual opinions (Schöbel, Rieskamp, & Huber, 2016). While leaders play a crucial role in providing organizational insights, their absence during brainstorming and idea evaluation sessions allows for unbiased exploration of ideas. This fosters a more democratic decision-making process, where all members feel empowered to contribute and challenge the prevailing norms.

Devil’s Advocate Role

Introducing the role of a devil’s advocate within the group encourages critical evaluation of ideas and fosters constructive debate (Sarver, 2013). By challenging prevailing assumptions and viewpoints, the devil’s advocate stimulates deeper analysis and encourages the consideration of alternative perspectives. This approach cultivates a culture of intellectual honesty and rigorous decision-making, ultimately enhancing the quality of outcomes (Sarver et al., 2015).

PSY FPX 5120 Assessment 4 Team Training Program to Minimize Group Thinking


Minimizing groupthink in workplace decision-making is crucial for fostering a culture of creativity and innovation. By implementing strategies such as small group brainstorming, elimination of a dominant team leader, and the introduction of a devil’s advocate, organizations can promote independent thinking and diverse perspectives, leading to more effective decision-making processes.


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PSY FPX 5120 Assessment 4 Team Training Program to Minimize Group Thinking

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