PSY FPX 8711 Assessment 2 Proposal For Training And Development Specialist

PSY FPX 8711 Assessment 2 Proposal For Training And Development Specialist

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PSY FPX 8711 Assessment 2 Proposal For Training And Development Specialist

Student Name

Capella University

PSY FPX 8711 Principles of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Prof. Name


Proposal for Talent Development Specialist: Enhancing Candidate Evaluation


This proposal by Jasalyn Ortiz aims to enhance the pre-employment screening process and implement a structured interview methodology to effectively assess candidates for the Talent Development Specialist role.


  1. Thorough Candidate Assessment: Evaluate candidates comprehensively for the Talent Development Specialist position.
  2. Utilization of Predictive Tests: Employ tests to identify positive attributes indicative of exceptional performance (Landy & Conte, 2013).
  3. Structured Interview Process: Conduct interviews structured around job analysis to gauge candidate responses to hypothetical scenarios.

Proposed Solution

  1. Personality Assessment: Employ the Sixteen Personality Factor, Fifth Edition (16PF) to evaluate crucial personality traits for job success.
  2. Cognitive Ability Evaluation: Implement the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) to assess general cognitive ability, a significant predictor of future performance.
  3. Practical Skill Evaluation: Integrate Work Samples and Simulations to measure specific knowledge and skills relevant to the role.
  4. Structured Interviews: Conduct interviews structured around job analysis to elicit responses pertinent to the Talent Development Specialist position.

Proposal Justification 

This proposal aims to optimize the hiring process, ensuring the selection of candidates who can drive organizational growth and implement effective training strategies, thus saving valuable company resources and enhancing productivity. These assessments align with findings by Industrial and Organizational (I/O) psychologists (SIOP, 2019).

Role Significance 

The Talent Development Specialist role plays a crucial part in improving individual and organizational performance by designing and executing training programs (ONET, 2019).

Assessment Rationale

  1. 16PF: This test evaluates 16 personality dimensions, providing insights into traits crucial for job performance (Cattell et al., 1949).
  2. WPT: Designed to assess general cognitive ability, the WPT offers insights into a candidate’s learning aptitude and problem-solving skills (Wonderlic, 1989).
  3. Work Samples and Simulations: These assessments offer practical insights into a candidate’s job task performance, enhancing predictive validity (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998).

Structured Interview Questions 

Structured interviews ensure consistency and validity in assessing candidates. Sample questions tailored for the Talent Development Specialist role include:

  1. How would you improve departmental communication skills?
  2. Propose training and development incentives for the CEO’s review.
  3. How do you identify organizational training needs?
  4. Describe your preferred training method and its rationale.
  5. Detail a professional training program you’ve organized.
  6. How would you manage the cancellation of a hired speaker before a staff training session?
  7. Describe your approach to evaluating promotions for existing staff.
  8. Reflect on a challenging professional issue and your response.
  9. Share your impressions of our current new staff training protocol.
  10. Explain your strategy for customizing training methods for diverse staff levels or individuals with disabilities.


By adopting this comprehensive assessment approach, the company can confidently select candidates best suited for the Talent Development Specialist position, ensuring organizational success and growth.


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PSY FPX 8711 Assessment 2 Proposal For Training And Development Specialist

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