PSY FPX 8720 Assessment 2 Leadership and diversity

PSY FPX 8720 Assessment 2 Leadership and diversity

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PSY FPX 8720 Assessment 2 Leadership and diversity

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PSY FPX 8720 Psychology of Leadership

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Leadership and Diversity Addressing Lack of Diversity and Cultural Awareness

Contemporary society is characterized by its heterogeneous composition, reflecting a plethora of cultural backgrounds. Navigating this diversity, particularly within the ever-evolving business milieu, can present challenges for individuals unaccustomed to cross-cultural interactions. Unfortunately, resistance to change frequently complicates endeavors to nurture a multicultural workforce, underscoring the imperative for leaders equipped with multicultural proficiency. Flourishing enterprises are guided by leaders who advocate for openness and inclusivity in the workplace, esteeming each person’s competencies, convictions, and cultural legacy. Lucid communication and comprehension serve as the cornerstone for fruitful associations, both within and outside the workplace. Reverence for diversity and a readiness to glean insights from others are indispensable for cultivating a genuinely inclusive organizational milieu.

A Case Study in Shanghai

Scrutinizing a corporation headquartered in Shanghai reveals disconcerting trends. Two Caucasian male leaders, John and Joe, seem to prioritize personal affiliations over merit in their recruitment practices, fostering an atmosphere of favoritism. This approach not only undermines the credibility of leadership but also perpetuates sentiments of marginalization among other team members. Gertrude, a German female employee, has voiced grievances regarding exclusion and underrepresentation in decision-making processes, bringing to light systemic issues within the organization.

Implications of Leadership Behavior

The deficiencies in John and Joe’s leadership transcend hiring biases to encompass cultural insensitivity and gender bias. Their actions undercut the company’s avowed commitment to diversity and inclusivity, corroding trust and impeding organizational efficacy. Effective leadership necessitates emotional intelligence and intercultural adeptness, attributes conspicuously absent in this scenario.

PSY FPX 8720 Assessment 2 Leadership and diversity

Applying GLOBE Framework

The GLOBE project furnishes valuable insights into the cultural underpinnings of leadership styles and organizational customs. Comprehending cultural dimensions can inform leadership approaches tailored to diverse contexts. For instance, whereas Anglo cultures may prize egalitarian leadership, Confucian Asian cultures prioritize hierarchical structures. Aligning leadership methodologies with cultural expectations fosters superior engagement and performance.

Recommendations for Improvement

To redress these issues, organizations must accord priority to cultural training for both leaders and personnel. Embracing diversity entails nurturing an inclusive milieu where all viewpoints are acknowledged and respected. Instituting incentive structures for diversity management and empowering employees in decision-making processes can further amplify organizational effectiveness.


In an increasingly globalized milieu, diversity emerges not merely as a moral imperative but also as a strategic asset. Effective leadership necessitates acknowledging and esteeming the varied perspectives and talents individuals contribute. By fostering inclusivity and embracing cultural diversity, organizations can unleash their full potential and flourish in a dynamic global arena.


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PSY FPX 8720 Assessment 2 Leadership and diversity

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