Rapid Appraisal

Choose one of the research articlesprovided to you below and appraise the study. More than yes or noanswers are expected. Address the following in your discussion boardposting:

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  • What type of study is this? Quantitative or Qualitative or Mixed Methods?
  • What is the problem? Is it clearly and concisely identified? Why or why not?
  • Is the problem presented with enough background material to acquaint the reader with the importance/significance of the problem?
  • What are the variables of the study? Are they clearly defined?
  • What is the hypothesis(es) or research question(s)?
  • What did the study findings conclude?


Posta thoughtful response to at least two (2) other colleagues’ initialpostings. Responses to colleagues should be supportive and helpful(examples of an acceptable comment are: “This is interesting – in mypractice, we treated or resolved (diagnosis or issue) with (x, y, zmeds, theory, management principle) and according to the literature…”and add supportive reference. Avoid comments such as “I agree” or “goodcomment.”


  • Describe various types, advantages, and disadvantages of data collection methods used in reseaRCH

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