Reflection On Nursing Competencies Assignment Paper

Reflection On Nursing Competencies Assignment Paper

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Throughout the course of NUR700, “Structure and Nursing Application of Knowledge,” my understanding of nursing competencies has significantly deepened, aligning with the AACN Essentials Domains 1, 9, and 10. Domain 1, which emphasizes the patient-centered care, has been a focal point of my learning journey (Fukada, 2018)Reflection On Nursing Competencies Assignment Paper. As I reflect on my experiences this semester, I realize that my ability to provide holistic and individualized care has grown. This competency has not only sharpened my clinical skills but has also instilled in me the importance of patient advocacy and empowerment.


Moving on to Domain 9, which centers on professionalism and professional values, I recognize the transformation in my own professional identity. The course has enabled me to internalize the values of integrity, accountability, and ethical practice (Samuriwo, 2022). I have learned to navigate complex ethical dilemmas, fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment to the highest standards of nursing practice.

In Domain 10, focusing on the use of informatics and healthcare technologies, I have embraced the integration of technology into nursing care. NUR700 has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to leverage information systems for improved patient outcomes, efficient communication, and evidence-based decision-making (Schot et al., 2019). The seven competency statements, as outlined by AACN, have been woven into the fabric of my learning experience. From providing patient-centered care to upholding the highest professional standards and leveraging technology, each competency statement has become a tangible aspect of my nursing practice (Mrayyan et al., 2023)Reflection On Nursing Competencies Assignment Paper. As I reflect on this semester, I am confident that these competencies will serve as the foundation for my continued growth and success in the field of nursing.

Word Cloud


Fukada, M. (2018). Nursing competency: Definition, structure and development. Yonago Acta Medica, 61(1), 001-007.

Mrayyan, M. T., Abunab, H. Y., Abdallah Abu Khait, Rababa, M., Sami Al-Rawashdeh, Abdullah Algunmeeyn, & Ahmed Abu Saraya. (2023). Competency in nursing practice: a concept analysis. Competency in Nursing Practice: A Concept Analysis, 13(6), e067352–e067352.

Samuriwo, R. (2022). Interprofessional collaboration—Time for a new theory of action? Frontiers in Medicine, 9.

Schot, E., Tummers, L., & Noordegraaf, M. (2019). Working on working together: A systematic review on how healthcare professionals contribute to interprofessional collaboration. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 34(3), 1–11. Reflection On Nursing Competencies Assignment Paper

  1.  After reviewing the AACN Essentials Domains 1,9,10 , reflect on your learning this semester in NUR700 (Structure and nursing application of knowledge)related to the seven competency statements.
  2. Compose one-page document about these reflections in Word.
  3. Create a Word Cloud from the paragraph.  (A sample Word Cloud resource available for your review in the NUR700 Course Materials and Resources.)   Paste the Word Cloud on page 2 after your paragraph.
  4. Share your document and any further thoughts with peers in this Discussion

Please see attached all attached document to help with assignment and creating word cloud and attached word cloud in a separate page

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AACN Essentials (2021)

Reflections for Week 15 in NUR700

Domain 1: Knowledge for Nursing Practice

Descriptor: Integration, translation, and application of established and evolving disciplinary nursing knowledge and ways of knowing, as well as knowledge from other disciplines, including a foundation in liberal arts and natural and social sciences. This distinguishes the practice of professional nursing and forms the basis for clinical judgment and innovation in nursing practice. Reflection On Nursing Competencies Assignment Paper

Competency statements

1.1f Demonstrate the application of nursing science to practice.

1.1g Integrate an understanding of nursing history in advancing nursing’s influence in health care.

1.2j Translate theories from nursing and other disciplines to


1.3f Analyze decision models from nursing and other knowledge domains to improve clinical judgment. Reflection On Nursing Competencies Assignment Paper

Domain 9: Professionalism

Descriptor: Formation and cultivation of a sustainable professional nursing identity, accountability, perspective, collaborative disposition, and comportment that reflects nursing’s characteristics and values.


Competency statements

9.3i Advocate for nursing’s professional responsibility for

ensuring optimal care outcomes.

9.5f Articulate nursing’s unique professional identity to other

interprofessional team members and the public.

Domain 10: Personal, Professional, and Leadership Development

Descriptor: Participation in activities and self-reflection that foster personal health, resilience, and well-being, lifelong learning, and support the acquisition of nursing expertise and assertion of leadership.

Competency statement

10.2 Demonstrate a spirit of inquiry that fosters flexibility and professional maturity.

Reflection On Nursing Competencies Assignment Paper

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