Reflections on The Nursing Ethics of Nursing Education Essay Paper

Reflections on The Nursing Ethics of Nursing Education Essay Paper

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A key element of developing my personal or professional ethics statement is the identification of my personal values and beliefs. Precisely, ethics encompasses the specific rules of human conduct and moral principles, with respect to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends as well as the rightness and goodness of certain actions and behaviors. This short essay outlines my personal code of ethics statement in a quest to offer a clear picture of my core values, work ethic and the potential that colleagues, clients, supervisors, and managers should expect from working with me in different capacities. Reflections on The Nursing Ethics of Nursing Education Essay Paper


Main Body

My personal ethics statement encompasses the ideas, moral principles and values that are integral to me in everyday life. Alves (2022) explained that the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics for Nurses stands out as a living document that offer a succinct statement regarding the ethical duties and obligations of those entering the nursing field. Over the years, I have managed to develop and apply a set of personal ethics to guide problem-solving and decision-making in both personal and professional contexts. Some of the examples of personal ethics that have influenced my understanding of what is good and wrong include honesty, integrity, loyalty, selflessness and respect.  I have focused on ensuring that the choices and decisions that I pursue on a routine basis remains consistent with respect, responsibility, dignity and integrity toward others. These personal ethics have been highly useful in enabling me to remain confident, assertive and more focused on treating people with respect and due diligence whilst holding myself responsible and accountable (Çöplü & Tekinsoy Kartın, 2018). In terms of strengths, my personal ethics have over time formed the backbone of my friendships and close connections with peers, family members and other pertinent individuals. However, I have often experienced a good deal of confusion, hardness of heart and a strong sense of entitlement, and this has formed a key element of my weaknesses. For instance, I have always held a strong conviction that I am entitled to persuade others or to special privileges, the hardness of heart emerges from having a strict upbringing, and the confusion may be due to my reduced commitment to practicing mindfulness (Snelling, 2023). Reflections on The Nursing Ethics of Nursing Education Essay Paper  Nevertheless, my personal ethics remain integral to the way in which I explore and manage my own emotions, thoughts and feelings, and this is exemplified by the extent to which I focus on keeping an open-mind, and exercising honesty and integrity in all situations in a quest to pursue better, informed decisions, and most importantly, to enhance my life.

On the other hand, my professional ethics emerged from my association as a member of the expansive nursing profession, and it is largely informed by the established code of ethics for registered nurses and other healthcare practitioners. Some of the professional ethics that I hold in high esteem include confidentiality, impartiality, transparency, time management, punctuality and accountability. According to the nursing code of ethics, some of the moral principles and values that form an integral part of my professional ethics include fairness, kindness, and commitment, and non-maleficence, beneficence, due diligence, sustainability, responsibility, and veracity (Luciani et al., 2020). Reflections on The Nursing Ethics of Nursing Education Essay Paper Therefore, my professional ethics statement strongly emphasizes the core responsibilities that I have as a Nurse Practitioner to discipline, colleagues, professional organizations and the community as a whole. Moreover, ensuring strict adherence to the ethical standards for all nursing roles in all contexts is highly encouraged in order to ensure professionalism and to tackle some of the persistent ethical dilemmas and situations experienced by nurses and other healthcare practitioners. Alves (2022) outlined the seven common ethical principles on which the ANA Nursing Code of Ethics is based and they include: beneficence (doing what is right and good for the client/patient), non-maleficence (do no harm), justice, accountability, fidelity, autonomy, veracity and accountability. At a professional level, I intend to employ the key provisions of the ANA code of ethics for nurses as the fundamental basis for providing holistic, evidence-based and patient-centered care and support in different healthcare settings. I am focused on practicing with a good deal of respect and compassion, creating and maintaining supportive relationships with patients (whether an individual, group, family, community or population); promoting and protecting the rights, safety and health of the patient; upholding responsibility and accountability at all times; ensuring the maintenance of an ethical environment by enforcing code of ethics and making contributions to nursing practice through engagement in inter-disciplinary collaboration, clinical research and pursuit of social justice (Çöplü & Tekinsoy Kartın, 2018). Reflections on The Nursing Ethics of Nursing Education Essay Paper Equally, I am more focused on ensuring that I do not violent any of the provisions of the Nursing code of ethics. My professional ethics is primarily aimed at ensuring that I do not violate patient privacy, I promote a safe healthcare environment, I exercise professionalism, I condemn and report questionable practices, I accept responsibility for my own judgments and nursing actions, and I strategically delegate assignments to the appropriate members of the nursing staff (Luciani et al., 2020). Reflections on The Nursing Ethics of Nursing Education Essay Paper


This essay highlights my personal and professional code of ethics. Notwithstanding the existing dichotomy between personal and professional ethics, I have over time embraced clear ethics statement to guide my personal and professional life.



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