resp 6

the reply must be at least 125 words, 1 DETAIL PARAGRAPH, 8-10 SENTENCES AT LEAST

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You must respond to at least one of your fellow classmates evaluating their ideas and offering further suggestions for improvement and experimentation. 

· Make sure to use proper grammar and punctuation.

· Comply with Netiquette Guidelines in the “Getting Started” area and include a salutation to your classmate, such as Dear John Student.

After reading Chapter 5 I can comfortably state that I will be incorporating the “self-test” technique. Some of the other technique I encounter in this chapter like “Ask Questions, and Budget for time” I have already used in the past and they have helped me tremendously. I realize that if I incorporate self-elaborated questions, I will not only be further reviewing the material but also, I will be able to prepare in a similar way of the test. Setting up a time frame for my practice exams is also something I will add to my study methods since I have found myself worrying about the time it would take me to finish hard questions and how much left time I would have for the rest of the exam. 

I met a broad variety of classmates throughout these years, and it has not always been a positive experience. I used to believe everyone had the best intentions, but I found out that sometimes fellow classmates just wanted to have access to my homework, so they did not have to spend the time doing theirs. At first, I thought I was helping them but soon I realize it was not helpful for either of us. I believe in hard work and in applying yourself to succeed and that means that you must put in the work.  For me Integrity means being true to your values and acting in ways in which morality is not being question. It is important to maintain integrity in the academic community for multiple reasons but amongst the most important would be because school prepares you for the real world and you cannot get far by being dishonest.

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