Risk For Cardiovascular Artery Disease Assignment Discussion

Risk For Cardiovascular Artery Disease Assignment Discussion

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Assignment Overview

Evaluate, Select, and Report on one CAD RISK ASSESSMENT TOOL


Problem: Nicholine is an 80-year-old female that presented to her Primary Care Provider with intermittent, bilateral calf pain, mild dyspnea on exertion and Angina that has been going on for the past six months. She reports climbing steps makes it worse, walking makes it worse. She reports that she does not take her weekly walks anymore due to the pain associated with walking. She reports rest makes the pain better. A few weeks ago, she was diagnosed with Peripheral Vascular Disease. Use the above information to answer the following questions:
Evaluate: Risk For Cardiovascular Artery Disease Assignment Discussion


1. Is this patient at risk for Cardiovascular Artery Disease? Why do you think she is at risk? What are her risk factors? What assessment tool would you recommend as a screening tool for this patient? Why did you pick this tool? Considerations if any for picking the assessment tool? Provide references to support your answer.

Identify tool recommended in the EB article e.g to an external site.
Is there another tool/s that can be used to assess this problem? – if so, list alternate evidenced based tools which may be considered
Background of selected tool:
Define or Describe your selected tool
Indications for use/ who needs to be assessed
Rationale for this selection. Why is the tool the best selection for the problem compared to the other (not selected)? Risk For Cardiovascular Artery Disease Assignment Discussion
Include Reliability and validity of the use
How is it scored
How are the scores obtained with the tool interpreted and how does the tool provide guidance to the treatment plan and improve patient outcomes. Ex. statin therapy indicated. expected outcomes. Additional therapies to support the prevention of MI, etc. Risk For Cardiovascular Artery Disease Assignment Discussion

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