Road Map to Success

DescriptionPreparationConsider your public health career goals and how you might set objectives and create action plans to achieve those goals:What are the long-term goals and objectives of your vision?What are the short-term goals?These are key: the small steps you take every day are “the difference that will make the difference.”How will you measure success?What are the ethical implications of your actions?How do your own goals align with Healthy People goals?OverviewThe first part of this assignment is a narrative paper and the second part is a graphical representation (infographic) of your personal road map to success.InstructionsWrite a 2-3 page narrative describing your strategies for success. Include the following:Specific action steps designed to meet career objectives that are aligned with Healthy People goals.Networking strategies to connect with peers, mentors, and organizations that serve a specific population.Data sources and evidence-based studies to serve as resources for a long-term career action plan.A description of ways that personal ethics and values influence decisions made while building a career in public health.Create an infographic containing key steps of a career action plan.Search the Internet and other sources for examples of road maps, infographics, or other visual aids on which to model your infographic. You may wish to review the blog post on vision boards from this week’s readings (linked in Resources). Create your road map in PowerPoint, Visio, collage, or any medium you choose as long as your final is submitted in a courseroom-compatible format (such as DOC, PDF, JPEG, or PPT).Images can be used to put a lot of information into a small space or to express ideas and feelings that cannot be expressed in words. They can elicit an emotional state that you can use to fuel your determination to succeed. Words alone are only as good as the determination you give them to follow through.Choose motivational images for at least two specific milestones on your Road Map to Success. Look for images that have some emotional connection for you.Additional RequirementsLength: The narrative portion of your assignment should include 2-3 double-spaced pages of content plus title and reference pages.Format: Times New Roman 12-point type for part 1. Your paper should follow APA style and format conventions.References: Cite at least 2 references and be sure to format all in-text citations and references in APA style and format.

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