Scholarly Role and Scholars in Nursing Education Discussion Paper

Scholarly Role and Scholars in Nursing Education Discussion Paper

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Within the context of academic language, conversations on academic endeavors frequently revolve around the terms scholarship, scholarly role, and scholar. A framework for comprehending these ideas was presented by the National League for Nursing (NLN), adding to the ongoing discussion on scholarly endeavors across a range of fields, especially nursing education. Scholarly Role and Scholars in Nursing Education Discussion Paper

According to the NLN, scholarship includes a wide range of intellectual pursuits. It encompasses knowledge generation, integration, application, and distribution, going beyond the conventional definition of discovery. To put it simply, scholarship is a dynamic interaction with information that calls for people to both acquire and contribute to the progress of knowledge. This idea emphasizes the diversity of scholarly pursuits, recognizing that discovery is only one aspect of a larger, more expansive scholarly landscape.


The NLN framework defines the scholarly function as the duties and pursuits that come with being a scholar. This goes beyond just doing research; it also includes mentoring, teaching, and incorporating evidence-based practices into the classroom. The scholarly role fosters a comprehensive approach to knowledge development and dissemination by acknowledging that persons working in academia contribute to the scholarly community through a variety of channels. Scholarly Role and Scholars in Nursing Education Discussion Paper

Lastly, someone who actively engages in scholarly activity is referred to as a scholar. According to the Halstead (2007), educators who use evidence-based techniques in their teaching are also considered scholars, not just researchers. This inclusive viewpoint emphasizes the value of a large and diverse community of scholars by acknowledging that people in a variety of professional vocations can contribute to the intellectual environment.

To sum up, the way the NLN conceptualizes scholarship, the scholarly function, and the scholar offers a sophisticated framework that broadens the conversation beyond the traditional emphasis on the scholarship of discovery. It promotes an all-encompassing perspective on academic pursuits, acknowledging the diverse ways in which individuals can contribute to the expansion of knowledge within their specialized domains. Scholarly Role and Scholars in Nursing Education Discussion Paper


Halstead, J. A. (2007). Nurse educator competencies: Creating an evidence-based practice for nurse educators. (No Title).


Hi class. It has been often noted that that the most attention is given to the scholarship of discovery when discussing scholarship. When researchers conducted the review of literature regarding scholarship, they used the following concepts – scholarship, scholarly role, and scholar (NLN, 2007). Can you describe the difference between the concepts? Thanks. Dr. Wright Scholarly Role and Scholars in Nursing Education Discussion Paper


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