School Of Philosophies Essay Assignment Paper

School Of Philosophies Essay Assignment Paper

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School of Philosophies Paper (Module 1, Assignment 1)
Write a scholarly paper on the influence of one of the six major schools of philosophical thoughts and its impact on your chosen role of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Note that the content of your paper will expand upon the ideas presented in the Overview of the Major Schools of Philosophical Thought paper in the Appendix. Cite sources and provide complete references using APA format. School Of Philosophies Essay Assignment Paper


Include the following essential components in your paper:
1. Description of the aims and assumptions of the school of philosophical thought
2. Identify how knowledge is viewed by the school of philosophy
3. Specify what methods of science or research are used by the school of philosophy
4. Give examples of what values or ideas from the school of philosophy that are currently emphasized within your chosen role option; and
5. Estimate the potential future impact of the designated school of thought on your chosen role option.
6. Word Count: This assignment should include at least 1,000 words and does not include the title page and the references. (Make sure to include your word count with the exact number of words)School Of Philosophies Essay Assignment Paper.
7. References: At least five references not older than five years (2018-2023) in APA style- Make sure to include the corresponding in-text citations for all the references listed in the reference page.

This assignment is worth 10% of your grade. Link to submit this assignment is available in Module 1. School Of Philosophies Essay Assignment Paper

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