Assignment 1: Database Project Part A: Create and provide a laboratory inventory database/spreadsheet. 

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The detail and meticulousness of your laboratory database serves as evidence of professional behavior in the workplace.

As the laboratory manager, the visitors (potential investors in the company) have asked you to “walk” them through your laboratory inventory database/spreadsheet. They want to be re-assured that the laboratory personnel are detailed and conscientious in their work and economic in their spending; they do not want their money wasted. 

Your inventory should, ideally, include, at least: purchase requester and date, approver and approval date, purchase dates, purchase cost centers (grants or re- investment money), vendors, costs, location of supply or item, location of the SDS (if a chemical), decommissioning date and reason, for chemical the hazard category. 

You will need to track the following:

· Consumable/disposable laboratory supplies: inventory of available supplies; requests from lab members to purchase new supplies; and purchase requests, costs, and receipts. Include at least 5 unique supplies in the inventory, 4 of which are chemicals each from a different hazard class.

· Durable laboratory equipment and supplies: inventory of available equipment and supplies; requests from lab members to purchase new equipment and supplies; purchase requests, costs, and receipts; for equipment and supplies greater than $1,000 in purchase price, the location of the equipment and the equipment identification (ID) number issued by your institution; for decommissioned equipment and supplies greater than $1,000 in purchase price, the date and reason for decommissioning and the location or transfer information of the equipment You should have a minimum of 2 items.

· In your database you will need to include 3 personnel by including them in the procurement area.

 To complete this assignment, do the following and post in your assignment folder by the deadline:


· Select Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet) for your tracking system. When you go to New search for inventory


· Using your selected spreadsheet, design and create a shell to track this information. Remember to include at least 3 personnel, 5 consumables (representing at least four classes of hazards (health or physical) from the 29 CFR 1910.1200 list available at: , and 2 Durable laboratory equipment or supplies.

· Submit a PDF version of your demonstration spreadsheet.


In an accompanying 1-2 pages written paper:

· Describe a strategy for the routine updating and maintenance of the database/spreadsheet, as well as for checking the accuracy of its contents.

· Describe a strategy for making the information in your database/spreadsheet accessible to all laboratory members while maintaining the integrity of the database/spreadsheet and its contents.

· explain the set up and organization of your database by explaining the purchasing and tracking process

Your grade for Part A will be based upon: (a) Completion of a sample database with the necessary fields (40%), (b) Written Paper including an explanation of the database form selected (5%), an explanation of the set-up and organization of your database (25%),  an explanation for user access and maintenance of the database (25%), and correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. (5%).

Assignment 2: Database Project Part B–Safety Data Sheets

Complete Part 2 of the project by discussing safety compliance requirements of select consumable inventory supplies.

Part B: Safety compliance of inventory.

Select four chemicals from your  inventory database/spreadsheet (Database A assignment).  The items should come from at least four distinct classes of hazards (health or physical) from the 29 CFR 1910.1200 list available at: (go to the bottom of the file).

Recommendation: in Google, type the name of one of your chemical and write SDS after it. You will have an array of vendors that have SDS sheets available. Select one and then downloaded to your computer/laptop and name it with the name of the chemical_SDS_Vendor. Do that for each of the 4 required chemicals. You will be submitting those SDS sheets along with your assignment. Use the information from those SDS sheets to answer the questions.

For each of the four items, provide the following:

SDS sheet and state its hazard category and show the corresponding symbol (pictogram).

Summarize in a short paragraph for each item the proper procedures (in your own words) for: (1) handling, (2) storage, (3) disposal, and (4) transportation. You should have 1 picture and 4 short paragraphs for each chemical selected.

Your grade for Part B will be based upon: Selection of items from four distinct hazard classes based on 29 CFR (15%); providing appropriate SDS for each item (15%); correctly identifying the hazard category and providing the corresponding hazard symbol for each item (10%);  and providing accurate information about each item’s handling (15%), storage (15%), disposal (15%) and transportation (10%); and correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. (5%). Please look at your rubric for further points information.

Your deliverables that must be uploaded to the appropriate assignment folder are the following 5 items: 4 SDS sheets (1 for each chemical) and 1 word document that provides the information requested.

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